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Will Entire JPQL Supported by ObjectDb?

2012-07-28 23:47


    I am new to Object Db. I have worked on JPA + Hibernate with Oracle database. Just want if i remove the service layer of application and replace that with JPA + ObjectDB -would this work ? I mean all the JPA related code which is written for Hibernate will work fine with ObjectDb+ JPA - do i need to change some sort of code.

If there is a change needed please let me know. Is Transaction management taken care here ?

Thanks in Advance ,


Janardhana Reddy
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2012-07-29 01:46

Some JPQL features are not supported yet by ObjectDB. The main missing feature is subqueries. You may browse the issue tracking system for more details. Missing JPA features are expected to be supported in the future.


ObjectDB Support
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2012-07-30 09:12

Thanks a lot. 


Janardhana Reddy
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