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Questions about the server license

2013-06-05 05:10

Hi, I'm currently developing alone  a project I don't know if it becomes a future company with income. I'm using the free licence but already have exceeded the amount of types permitted. I'm thinking now if I should buy the server license (which for me is quite expansive) or moving to a regular free database like mysql.


few questions under consideration:


1. Will I be able to change a computer? (hardware problems/ computer replacing) or installing again after booting?


2. Is the license for life? When is it supposed to expire?


Thanks, Dreckguy
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2013-06-05 08:13

A server license is for life (no expiration), but restricted to a specific computer.

A site license is also for life (no expiration) and not bound to any specific machine.

More details regarding what can be done in your specific case (of a sole developer) were sent to you is a support ticket.

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