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Eclipse - Maven - Dependencies not getting automatically reflected

2013-12-22 22:46

I have installed

  • Java 1.7
  • Eclipse Juno
  • From Eclipse Market place have installed - Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP (a.k.a m2e-wtp), m2e-apt, Spring IDE, The Spring Tool Suite™ (STS)
  • Have defined M2_HOME as directory where Maven is installed. PATH updated as %M2_HOME%/bin

I am working on Windows XP.

I am able to create a Maven project but when trying to add Dependencies (select pom.xml - Dependencies - Add) artifactId's "Enter groupId, artifactId or sha1 prefix or pattern" which are inputted are not getting displayed. Say if I input springframework, it only reflect the jars that installed locally and don't search over the internet. Also if I check Maven Repositories (select by Windows - Show Views - Others - Maven - Maven Repositories), nothing is shown in Global Repositories - central(http://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2).

In case, if I manually put required artifcatID in pom.xml and then update maven it downloads the required jars.

I am working on my home computer where I don't have any proxies and has set following in local m2 settings(C:\Documents and Settings\Sandy.m2\Settings.xml)

Can you please advise, what setting I need to do so that inputted artifact's can be added using add Dependencies option?

Thanks in advance

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2013-12-23 17:30

Is this question related to a specific ObjectDB tutorial?

If yes, could you please provide a link to the exact tutorial page?

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