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Issue #41 - Improve ObjectDB Server

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2011-05-04 06:05

Improve ObjectDB Server to behave and feel more like a traditional db-server:

- Remove SWING dependency (i.e. remove the tray icon or make it external from the core server)

- Provide the possibility to easily install the objectdb as service on each system (requires removing swing dependency)

- Keep it as a console-only app

- Put important log info to the console as well

- Provide possibility to not only create new databases but remove existing ones as well

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2011-05-04 23:41

You can use ObjectDB as a console application including on headless servers and JVM with no GUI and Swing. The tray icon will not be removed since many users find it useful. But it is silently ignored when Swing is unavailable.

Currently start/stop/restart messages are printed to the standard output, but you can direct all log messages to the standard output and/or the standard error by setting the configuration.

About removing databases - this is supported by the Explorer by using:
    File > Open Remote... > setting password > Browse...

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