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What privacy does ObjectDB have to offer? I'm watching my firewall and it looks like ObjectDB is pushing my data out? Are there any guarantees that I will retain my privacy when using ObjectDB?


Data is transferred out only between your client and server, if they are not located on the same machine. Check your firewall again, you should never see any other networking activity.




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Yeah it looks like it was just my application itself, not actually ObjectDB. However, is there any risk of this changing in future versions?


Sending private user data out without consent is illegal, and obviously we do not have such plans. But you should be able to protect your system (also from real risks) by setting your firewall.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

I guess it would be good to have a public privacy policy in order to evaluate what kind of data ObjectDB is or will be keeping though

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