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persitencia (Preguntas y respuestas)


1ra.pregunta: tengo un formulario y Cuando Grabo mas de un registro, solo me graba el ultimo pero no los anteriores.

2da.Pregunta: Tengo un indice que no se el ID y necesito que mi tabla muestre los datos de acuerdo al indice.

                      Como  puedo hacerlo ?.

Alguien me sugiere algo. Gracias



If previously stored objects are missing it could be either due to a failure to persist them, failure to retrieve them or starting a new empty database every request - more details are needed.

To view a table order by a field use an ORDER BY query. Query execution will be faster in the field is indexed.

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and what happens with the following records I'm adding, ordering in TableModel will automatically or have to rebuild an ORDER BY


You can define your own custom TableModel implementation by subclassing AbstractTableModel:

  • Implement getRowCount() with a SELECT COUNT query.
  • Implement getValueAt() with an ORDER BY query.
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I am creating a database and when you go to create a class, I get the following error. Please could you suggest something, thanks.

com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to create a new file 'C:\Program Files\objectdb\objectdb-2.6.4_07\log\odb20151207.log'

EntityManagerFactory registro = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(ruta);

the error in this line.          EntityManager emRegistro = registro.createEntityManager();


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