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Dirty checking

Hi, wondering if anyone knows the best way to detect which objects have been changed in the database. ie: which objects, and which collections of objects, have been dirtied.     ... of objects, have been dirtied. in the jdo api there is: void postDirty(InstanceLifecycleEvent event) http://www.objectdb.com/api/java/jdo/listener/DirtyLifecycleListener am wondering what the ...


About ObjectDB Database

ObjectDB is a powerful object oriented database management system (ODBMS). It is compact, reliable, easy to use and extremely fast. ... Management System (ODBMS). No proprietary API - managed only by standard Java APIs (JPA 2 / JDO 2). ...


Populating entity id before transaction commit

Hi, I have a question about populating auto generated id before transaction commit. We are using OBD with Spring and transactions are managed by Spring. The problem is, that we have custom annotation that wraps some of those functions to do additional work. But this annotation is executed before transaction is committed so all returned entities are not populated with ID in this context. How can I force ODB to populate entity ID before transaction is committed? Or maybe there is another way to finding ID of entity before commit? ... by: Object id = emf. < a href = "/api/java/jpa/EntityManagerFactory/getPersistenceUnitUtil" > ... ( ) </ a > . < a href = "/api/java/jpa/PersistenceUnitUtil/getIdentifier_Object" > getIdentifier ...


Different behavior for casting and not casting

Hi, Please use attached db for testing the queries. Query #1 which works and selects a few entities: SELECT DISTINCT $1 FROM com.lexware.vereinsverwaltung.verein.mitglied.Mitglied $1 WHERE $1.qubletFRAGMENTMAP.get('com.lexware.vereinsverwaltung.abrechnung.api.model.mitglied.MitgliedVertraegeFragment') IS NOT NULL Query #2 which is equal to the previous one though includes a casting and returns NO entities: ... . get ( 'com.lexware.vereinsverwaltung.abrechnung.api.model.mitglied.MitgliedVertraegeFragment' ) IS NOT NULL ... ( com . quasado . foundation . warehouse . api . model . inventory . contact . AbstractContactContractsFragment ...



A root type in the from clause.(Interface of JPA)


Can I use ObjectDB to access a relational database?

... To access relational databases using the Java Persistence API (JPA) you will need an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool, such as ... implementation supports also the Java Data Objects (JDO) API. ObjectDB is a full featured standalone Object Database Management System ...



... conflict (missing synchronization) in the JPA metamodel API. Fixed implementation of casting ( as ) in criteria ... in listing inherited persistent fields (in the Metamodel API and in the Explorer). Fixed a bug in merging complex object ...



Used to construct criteria queries, compound selections, expressions, predicates, orderings.(Interface of JPA)



Interface used to interact with the persistence context.(Interface of JPA)


java.sql.Date equals comparison not working with CriteriaAPI

Hello, Using ODB 2.4.5 and the Criteria API, doing a simple equals comparison with java.sql.Date value doesn't match any results in the database. Our code looks like this: ... Hello, Using ODB 2.4.5 and the Criteria API, doing a simple equals comparison with java.sql.Date value doesn't ... also that doing greaterEqual or lessEqual with Criteria API will yield in correct results except if the given date is exactly the same ...