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... solution for Java, based on the Java Persistence API (JPA) and the Java Data Objects (JDO) standards, since ObjectDB is the ...


Analyse opensource project

Hello , it will be good if you analyse open source project : OrientDB: https://github.com/nuvolabase/orientdb     i heard it new. Maybe it can be helpful for more faster objectdb or jdbc side. ... support to objectdb.   There is an api named : CacheWriter for that.   ...


Failed to generate dynamic type

Hi  I was trying to enhance some of my classes and I got an error :  Failed to generate dynamic type com.package.RootContainer (error 361) It seems that all dependent classes are on the classpath , so what is missing or how to recognize what is wrong with that class ?? thanks in advance b ... 09:54 In case of JPA API we can specify persistence unit, can we do the same in case of JDO? can we ...



Get the current lock mode for the query.(Method of javax.persistence.Query)


Using Scala collections with ObjectDB

Hi, I cannot see that it is possible to make scala collection classes persistable within ObjectDB. Am I missing something or must  ObjectDB Software Ltd do a specific incorporation of the scala.collection._  api for it to work ? (http://www.scala-lang.org/docu/files/collections-api/collections.html)   /Peter   ... incorporation of the scala.collection._  api for it to work ? (http://www.scala-lang.org/docu/files/collections-api/collections.html)   /Peter   ...



Bootstrap class that is used to obtain an EntityManagerFactory in Java SE environments.(Class of JPA)



The MapJoin interface is the type of the result of joining to a collection over an association or element collection that has been specified as a java.util.Map.(Interface of JPA)



Thrown by the persistence provider when an pessimistic locking conflict occurs that does not result in transaction rollback.(Exception of JPA)


Is ObjectDB better than Object Relational Mapping (ORM)?

... relational database). By using the Java Persistence API (JPA), you can develop portable applications that can use both ObjectDB and ...


makeDirty(pc, fieldName)

Explicitly mark the parameter instance and field dirty.(Static Method of javax.jdo.JDOHelper)