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JPA Persistable Types

Explains how JPA manages types, including entity classes, embeddable classes, primitive types, wrappers, string, date, enum, collections and maps.... . java.math.BigInteger , java.math.BigDecimal . java.lang.String . ...


Database Schema Evolution

Explains how ObjectDB handles automatically schema changes.... , Long , Float , Double , BigInteger , BigDecimal and enum values that are stored as numeric ordinal values (the ...


Problem of query With an aggregate function

Hi I would know if this type of query is supported By JPA: select sum(nb1), sum(nb2), sum(nb3) from table If yes I have this methode that return a list of Long: ... ( ) ) ) ;   List<BigDecimal [ ] > listRes = new ArrayList<BigDecimal [ ] > ( ) ; listRes = ...


Wrong type on SUM function

Hello, I have a problem when I run this aggregation query: ... The problem is about SUM on cc.totalCC.importe, a BigDecimal field. It works fine on all groups giving to me the correct sum BigDecimal value, except in one group that have only one object with a ...



Typecast.(Method of javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder)


Query in JPA2 with LEFT JOIN on INNER JOIN

select a.description, a.id, p1.description, p2.description,p3.description from action a left join action_profile ap1 on ap1.id_action=a.id inner join profile p1 on  ap1.id_profile=p1.id  and p1.name='?' left join action_profile ap2 on ap2.id_action=a.id inner join profile p2 on  ap2.id_profile=p2.id  and p2.name='?' where a.id =?;   Thanks   ... class ) ; CriteriaQuery<BigDecimal> profileCriteriaQuery = cb. createQuery ( BigDecimal. class ) ; CriteriaQuery<String> ... , JoinType . LEFT ) ; Selection<BigDecimal> selection = profileCriteriaQuery. select ( ...



Used to construct criteria queries, compound selections, expressions, predicates, orderings.(Interface of JPA)



Type for query expressions.(Interface of JPA)


[ODB1] Chapter 7 - JDOQL Queries

Explains how to use JDOQL, the Java/JDO Query Language.... , Float , Double ), as well as BigInteger and BigDecimal can participate in comparisons as if they were primitive numeric ... Integer, Long, Float, Double, and also BigInteger and BigDecimal). The concatenation operator ' + ' can only be applied to ...



Specify the type of object in which to return each element of the result of invoking execute or one of its siblings.(Method of javax.jdo.Query)