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PersistenceException: Failed to locate field

Hi, have recently been running into this issue when changing the schema: com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to locate field in this case, adding a primitive String field to an Entity. pretty sure that in the past schema evolution would not have triggered errors, is this case, a simple new field, shouldn't the policy be to add a null in that field, or other default for that primitive. ... reflection = "warning" />   <cache ref = "weak" level2 = "20m" />   <fetch ... = "true" reflection = "warning" /> <cache ref = "weak" level2 = "20m" /> <fetch hollow = ...


Performance with large databases

When populating a large database (10s of GBs) performance drops suddenly at a certain time whenever I run the populating application.  Is there typically a database size when indexes can no longer be held fully in memory or some such issue?  The method calls that suddenly start to take the most time are those that retrieve data from the store. ... the entire database can reside in memory (using the OS cache, regardless of the JVM heap size and the ObjectDB cache size). Except this, ObjectDB performance should not be affected ...


Replication issue, Replayer failing due to NullPointerException.

I'm getting replication errors and upon trying to play the replayer I get a NullPointerException which i'm also seeing in the slave logs when it's trying to replicate... ... = "true" /> <processing cache = "64mb" max-threads = "10" synchronized = "false" /> <query-cache results = "32mb" programs = "500" /> ... = "true" reflection = "error" /> <cache ref = "weak" level2 = "0mb" /> <persist ...



Mark a Collection of instances as no longer needed in the cache.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)



Caching is enabled for all entities for Cacheable(true) is specified.(Enum Constant of javax.persistence.SharedCacheMode)



Returns the specification of how the provider must use a second-level cache for the persistence unit.(Method of javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo)



Return the DataStoreCache that this factory uses for controlling a second-level cache.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory)



... Fixed a bug in keeping removed entity object in the L2 cache. Fixed orphan removal of owner entity object in ... Fixed the behavior of CacheStoreMode setting in L2 shared cache. Fixed  TreeSet and TreeMap  element ...


Delete object from collection versus delete from JPQL

I'm a newbie, so this is a pretty fundamental question. I'm not sure if there is a bi-directional relationship between the objects in memory and ObjectDB.  I know I can modify the objects and use persist() to write them to the database.  But does running a JPQL update or delete alter the in-memory objects? There are cases where the JPQL syntax is more expressive than operating on a collection, but I'm not sure if that will alter my program state.  Will it? Thanks, Lee  ... cached objects in the EntityManager and in the L2 cache.  ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast ...


Advanced JPA Topics

Describes advanced JPA topics - detached entity objects, lock management and entity lifecycle events.... JPA Lifecycle Events Shared (L2) Entity Cache JPA Metamodel API ...