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NullPointer on query

I'm getting a null pointer when running the following code: TypedQuery<ObjectDbMessagePayload> query = em.createQuery("SELECT m FROM ObjectDbMessagePayload m WHERE m.id = :id", ObjectDbMessagePayload.class); query.setParameter("id", msg.getId()); List<ObjectDbMessagePayload> loaded = query.getResultList(); Stack trace follows: ... Just looked again at the page cache fix (issues #116, #119, #121) and apparently the fix is ... In version 2.3.6 newer pages can still be purged from the cache leaving older pages (from previous transactions). Hopefully build ...


Glassfish and ObjectDB 2.4.3

Hello, I tried to get the Guestbook tutorial run with Glassfish (see above) but it's not working. When I try to add a guest I got a HTTP Status 404 Wich versions of ObjectDB should I use? Thanks ... org. glassfish . ha . store . adapter . cache . ShoalBackingStoreProxy for persistence - type = ... (build 5) INFO: Registered org.glassfish.ha.store.adapter.cache.ShoalBackingStoreProxy for persistence-type = replicated in ...


Create simple index for a Id field

Hello, I just wanted to write another anotation to my key field so I can have a really simple index. This is the original code: @Entity public class ObjectDbEntity<Key,Value> implements DataItemProvider<Value> {         @Id     private Key key = null;     private Value value = null; and I just want my key to be indexed on my db, just like this: ... etc. but you may still want to manage your own HashMap cache in memory for specific objects if you need the extra performance. ...


java.sql.Time field off by 30 minutes

Hihi, I'm wondering if this is a bug. I have a simple entity with java.sql.Time field. On writing and readback, the field is found to be 30 minutes off. It is observed on objectdb explorer as well. Timestamp works perfectly fine. Ps. dont think its a UTC issue. My system is set at far off UTC+30min time.   ... ( ) ; ///<<<clear local cache and read back new Query query = em. createQuery ...



What would be a good way to implement internationalization with ObjectDB? Let's say we do have a product catalog and we need to provide category and product data internationally. With a relational database we most probably would have two tables, one for locale neutral information, i.e. Product with fields SKU, price, etc. and another one for locale information only, i.e. ProductLocale with fields name, description, etc. ... data. In the general case it may enable using the cache more effectively. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB ...


Objectdb recovery

Hello, I have question regarding objectdb recovery when objectdb is not finished correctly (power outage). We are using following configuration: <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="128mb"/> <recording enabled="false" sync="false" path="." mode="write"/> Is there any possibility of data loss when power outage? ... is physically written to the recovery file (bypassing OS cache). This should prevent any possible data loss of committed transactions. ...


Need to close+open database for a commit to be taken into account

Hi, I have one case where commit (update of entity in this case) is not taken in account unless database is actually closed and re-open, no error. I tried to use flush instead of close+re-open but it does not work. So currently there is a dirty close + open + reload on each update of one of these entities, which is far from ideal. The entity involved contains (between other fields) another entity, that's the only particularity i can see. I tried with and without entity relationship defined, no difference. ... Maybe you should try disabling all sorts of cache in the configuration file, but the information provided is insufficient ...


Activation Issue

Hi, We bought a site license the yesterday. I ran the activation class this morning. That generated the activation key. I took that key as per the instructions, added it to the objectdb.conf inside the jar, and everything was happy. (this was with 2.3.7). However after a reboot I'm now getting the evaluation license restriction message again at compile time (which was I was seeing before putting the activation key in objectdb.conf). I tried upgrading to 2.3.7_02 and updating objectdb.conf with the activation key, but get the same behaviour. ... = "true" /> <processing cache = "64mb" max-threads = "10" /> <query-cache results = "32mb" programs = "500" /> ...



... in a new ancestor class. Fixed a query cache bug. Fixed several bugs in query processing and running. ...



Unpin the parameter instance from the second-level cache.(Method of javax.jdo.datastore.DataStoreCache)