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ObjectDB as JDBC resource or custom realm

Hi everyone, I want to implement HTTP Basic Authentication for my web services, but I also want to use ObjectDB to store credentials. Therefore I'm in the need of a custom realm for GlassFish 3.1. My guess is somebody already did this before, so if yes please raise your hands. Otherwise please help me with the implementation and please share your thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance, Daniel ... Yes, but currently there is no target date for this feature. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB ...


Sorting problem

Hi, I was rewriting our DAO to support pagging in large dataset and I think I have found a problem with sorting. I send you a test case - sorry for using the same project as previous, but it was faster to write this test case. As usual, you can load data with DataLoader and then check problem with QueryData. There is a simple query with "order by" sentence: #1 2011-02-13 00:04 Hi, I was rewriting our DAO to support pagging in large dataset and I think I have found a problem with s ...


Explorer query functionality

Is there a way in the Explorer to associate JPQL queries with query result windows?  I would really like to be able to open multiple query / result tabbed panes and be able to save out my queries, similar to what you can do in Benthic Golden or Toad in the SQL world. Alternatively are you aware of any other JPA + JPQL workbench tools, commercial or otherwise that would support this? ... could take some time to be ready and there is no target date yet. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast Object ...


Improvement in replication

Hi, I was thinking about some improvement in replication mechanism. Our application do only few writes (mostly reads), but those writes are important for us - objects rating, profile modifications. So in current implementation when master node dies, there is only a chance to read data from slave and all writes fails. ... they may be based on a state, which is not the most up to date. At least for some applications this is unacceptable. Introducing ...


JPA Query language support in OBjectDB / Sub query or nested Query

Hi Wanted to check with you on the exact level of support of JPA QL within the ObjectDB world. I have given a sample typed query below which fails to work with ObjectDB and it runs very well with the Hibernate/MySQL JPA. We are using Spring Data here. It looks like a problem with Sub query or nested queries where I am using IN clause like below. ... yet. The issue tracking system contains an up to date list of unsupported JPA features . ObjectDB ...


Is 2 level cache in use?

Hi, Is there any way to check, if 2 level cache is in use? Right now I've done two things: 1. objectdb.conf with cache size is placed in WEB-INF directory of my web application. 2. persistence.xml was modified with: ... application because of the overhead in keeping it up to date and the memory that it consumes. Therefore, it is disabled in the  ...


Online Backup

Online Backup enables backing up an ObjectDB database while it is in active use by applications. The ability to create a backup while the system is running is essential in applications and services that have to be available 24/7/365.... A new subdirectory with a name that reflects the current date and time (e.g.  201012312359 ) is created under the backup root ...


Index Definition

Describes how to define indexes in JPA entity classes and explains how indexes are used in JPQL queries.... JavaDoc Reference Page... = "u2" ) Date indexedField5 ; // unique } @Unique ... java.lang.String. java.util.Date , java.sql.Date , java.sql.Time , java.sql.Timestamp. Any enum type. ...


TemporalType injection with Calendar using JPA

I have ObjectDB  JPA  comsummed by a RESTful web service deployed on Tomcat. I am using an embedded object as a primary key, which has time fields which I have annotated with TemporalType.TIMESTAMP When I use a java.util.Date as a field on this object there is no problem. However, if I use a java.util.Calendar it encounters an exception.   Calendar is what I need.  Is there something obvious here that I am failing to see?   ... TemporalType.TIMESTAMP When I use a java.util.Date as a field on this object there is no problem. However, if I use a ... for primary keys . JPA supports only java.sql.Date (or java.util.Date that is annotated as DATE ). ObjectDB ...



FetchGroup represents a named fetch group for a specific class or interface.(Interface of JDO)