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Request clarification of changes to accessor enhancement policy (non-getter prefix instead of getter suffix) AND annotations

In response to the forum posting http://www.objectdb.com/database/forum/994 changes were made to the way enhancement treats getters and setters (property accessors), namely there are no longer enhanced additional getters/setters, because the additional methods now use (since about version 2-6-5) this pattern: __odbHidden_[accessor_name] Instead of this pattern with a suffix (preserving the method as a setter or getter), prior to version 2-6-5: ... I see now that this was (in part) addressed at a remark from ObjectDB support at one of my own issue reports . ... to happen again, since the annotations are now moved from the Enhancer generated hidden methods to the property get/set methods. If ...


How to resolve 404 errors with Eclipse/Maven Spring MVC

I have created a project as guided by www.objectdb.com/tutorial/jpa/eclipse/spring/run. When I abandon eclipse and use the maven command line to deploy this Spring MVC web app to jetty and point my browser to localhost:8080/Guestbook/ it works as your tutorial says! ... to move my guestbook app with the cute little jar icon from the left side to the tomcat side. I say yes and it appears under the that ... Here is another (100MB) zip file created from a directory that was created by eclipse and the source code files were ...


Join performance in Objectdb

select count(e) from Meta e, ImageNet i, Page p where e.idImage=i.id and e.idPage=p.id; So simple a command cause me half an hour and is running now! Each table has about 160K records. What formula can predict the time for such counting? TIA ... SELECT count ( e ) FROM Meta e , ImageNet i , Page p WHERE e . idImage = i . id ... would be: SELECT count ( e ) FROM Meta e , ImageNet i , Page p WHERE e . image = i AND e ...


[ObjectDB 2.5.5_03] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

Hello! When I run this query SELECT t FROM Unit t WHERE t.lastGeocodedPosition IS NULL OR t.lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime < :lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime I get the following exception: ... Hello! When I run this query SELECT t FROM Unit t WHERE t . lastGeocodedPosition IS NULL OR ... Try the following query: SELECT t FROM Unit t WHERE t . lastGeocodedPosition IS NULL OR ...


Should I be able to persist a JFrame (or gui components in general)?

    I did the following: 1. (using Netbeans 8.02 & last available java 7 sdk) I sort of follow your tutorial(s) while applying the ideas to a sample that came with the IDE called GUIFormExamples (under samples). ... class called Contact, and modeled after your Point class from your tutorial. This whole process worked and end result was working ... this is also where I needed to add the objectdb.jar file (from your download). And finally, on my win10 system with java 7 jdk only ...


WebSphere Liberty Configuration

Hi! I've been trying to get ObjectDB configured with WebSphere Liberty server. I have been able to get the sample app running in TomCat but when I run the jee version of the guestbook in WebSphere I get a combination of errors depending on how I tweak the configuration the most promising error I get is this one: ... much stuck at this point and am not sure where to go from here. Any pointers anyone could send my way would be helpful. ... classpath? If you have other error messages (from other configurations) please post them. ObjectDB ...


How to convert a boolean to an int in the query?

How to convert a boolean to an int in the query? I have five parameters of type boolean in the entity object - approveEmail, approvePhoneNumper, ... I can not sort them ORDER BY approveEmail, approvePhoneNumper, .... because the parameters equivalent. I want to sort them in the query by their sum ORDER BY (approveEmail + approvePhoneNumper + ... ) But I get an exception com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Invalid operand type boolean for operator + ... for example SELECT DISTINCT m FROM Person m LEFT OUTER JOIN m . answers answers LEFT ... in the Explorer queries SELECT approveEmail FROM Person ORDER BY ( int ) approveEmail DESC ...


CRUD Database Operations with JPA

Shows how to use Java/JPA to store, retrieve, update & delete.... Reference Page... ( "SELECT COUNT(p) FROM Point p" ) ; System. out . println ( "Total ... ) ; The query string ("SELECT COUNT(p) FROM Point p") instructs JPA to count all the Point objects in the database. If ...



This class is a helper class for JDO implementations.(Class of JDO)



Whether the From object has been obtained as a result of correlation (use of a Subquery correlate method).(Method of javax.persistence.criteria.From)