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... Fixed a ClassLoader conflict when using GlassFish. Version 2.1.1 Fixed an  Explorer ...


JBoss 7 startup fails

Hi, I was having a go with entity beans 3.x jboss 7, objectdb and the guestbook web application but cannot come out of the swamp. I use eclipse indigo as IDE The "src" folder contains the pachake guest and within the classes: Guest.java, GuestListener.java and GuestServlet.java The WebContent/META-INF dir contains: context.xml ... - the other web examples can be used on Tomcat, Jetty and GlassFish, but not on JBoss. A ready to use Maven project is attached. ...


Navigation through lazy loading from Detached Objects

A main limitation of detached objects (as explained on the Detached Entities manual page) is: ... relationships outside a transaction, after a query, from Glassfish forum thread - this JPA limitation is avoided in EclipseLink by an ...