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member visiting in jpql

baURI is a byte[]; JP QL> select e.baURI.length from URI e where id=82778 JP QL> [ObjectDB 2.2.9_04] javax.persistence.PersistenceException Navigation from 'byte[]' through 'length' is invalid (error 763) at com.objectdb.jpa.JpaQuery.getResultList(JpaQuery.java:636) at util.JPQLcmd.QureyCMD(JPQLcmd.java:43) at util.JPQLcmd.main(JPQLcmd.java:28) Why I can not visit the length attribute? TIA ... JP QL> select e. baURI . length from URI e where id = 82778 JP QL> [ ObjectDB 2.2.9_04 ] javax. ...


What is new in ObjectDB 2.0?

ObjectDB 2.0 supports many new features and improvements, including: Most of the features of the new JPA 2.0 and JDO 2.2 APIs. User defined IDs (primary key) and sequences. Support of unlimited index keys size. SQL like queries (" ...


Update is ignored by ObjectDB

Hi! Sorry for my bad english skills. When I execute fulfilOrder, only Order entity is updated in the database, and User entity remains modified only in code, even if I go: user = smdb.find(User.class, user.id); In this source highlighted lines modifying entity, but not the database. ... user = smdb. find ( User. class , user. id ) ; In this source highlighted lines modifying entity, ... ( userID ) ; //it's em.find(user_id) user. money += item. total ; // <- moved this ...


Internal Exception and Index Problems

Dear Support Team, we have an urgent issue in a productive database. The objectdb doctor finds no error but one string field of one database item is not editable (even not using the objectdb explorer). The corrupt entry is in entity "UserModelData" with id="7d29d5eb-69a6-4d46-9bf1-802cbb6e439b". Try to change the userName attribute of this entry then the following error occurs: ... The corrupt entry is in entity "UserModelData" with id="7d29d5eb-69a6-4d46-9bf1-802cbb6e439b". Try to change the userName attribute ...



Unpin the parameter instance from the second-level cache.(Method of javax.jdo.datastore.DataStoreCache)


NullPointerException in ENH.g(ENH.java:401)

Hello, corresponding to your suggestion I created a private ticket in reply to http://www.objectdb.com/database/forum/1109. Attached you will find my database file (I removed most of the content but one corrupt instance is still included). ... reading the field "Event.participants" of the entity with id "a1bef640-2191-11e6-942d-485ab6c92d08". The explorer just shows an ...



Defines mapping for composite foreign keys.(Annotation of JPA)


Lazy retrieval by access not working correctly

I have a problem loading lazy associations by access/navigation with an @Embedded attribute containing an @ElementCollection which is lazy loaded.  I'm not sure if the same problem exists elsewhere.  Furthermore, if I set a breakpoint in the right spot in debug mode, everything works correctly.  Without the breakpoint, my lazy collection does not get loaded.  Here are code snippets which should reproduce the problem. ... = entityManager. find ( Locale. class , id ) ; locale. getNames ( ) . getValues ( ...


Embedding Managed Entities in Embedded Objects = bad idea

Discovered that you can't embed entities in embeddable objects if the entity is managed. Haven't tried embedding un-managed entities in embeddable objects, though I imagine that's not a great idea. The the error message isn't all that obvious (attempting to persist object which already has an id).     ... obvious (attempting to persist object which already has an id).     ...


copyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(pcClass, fm, oid)

Copy fields to an outside source from the key fields in the ObjectId.(Method of javax.jdo.spi.JDOImplHelper)