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Interface used to interact with the entity manager factory for the persistence unit.(Interface of JPA)


BIRT/ODA ObjectDB Driver

Explains how to use the ObjectDB/JPA data source BIRT driver.... Driver Installation ObjectDB/JPA Data Source Data Sets and JPQL For step ... ObjectDB see the  Report Generation with BIRT and JPA tutorial. Driver Installation The driver is available as ...


Java EE 6 Web Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and run a full Java EE 6 MVC (Model View Controller) web application in Eclipse - using GlassFish, ObjectDB and JPA.... Controller) web application using GlassFish, ObjectDB and JPA. Since this web application uses Java EE 6 EJB (session beans) it ... servlet container (such as Tomcat or Jetty) see the JPA Web App Tutorial . The demo web application manages a basic ...


ObjectDB and JPA

Hello !! I am new in JPA / ObjectDB development and I have many questions:   ... Hello !! I am new in JPA / ObjectDB development and I have many questions:   ... I understood correctly, ObjectDB is an implementation of JPA standard (currently 2.0)? 1.2. Is ObjectDB on the same level like ...


Literals in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Describes literals in JPQL, including null, false, true, numbers, strings, dates enums and types.... 077L ), a feature that is not currently supported by all JPA implementations. String Literals JPQL follows the syntax of ... , "abcd\n1234" ) but this is not supported by all the JPA implementations. Unlike most other JPQL components, String literals ...


Integration with Java EE (JPA 1.0)

ObjectDB can be used in both Java EE and Java SE by using application managed EntityManager. Support of container managed EntityManager and integration with the JTA (Java Transaction API) is not implemented yet. JPA Feature Version: Priority: Normal Status: Fixed ... Type:  JPA Feature ... EntityManager javax.persistence.EntityManager JPA interface Interface used to interact with the persistence context. ...


Collections in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Shows how collections and maps can be used in JPQL queries.... a specified element is contained in a collection. JPA distinguishes between the MEMBER OF operator, which should be used for ... (which are described above) are available also as JPA criteria query expressions. The CriteriaBuilder javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder JPA interface Used to construct criteria queries, compound selections, ...


JPQL Case Statements (JPA 2.0)

JPQL 2.0 adds support of CASE statements in queries for conditional expressions (similar switch/case/default in Java), following the SQL syntax. Case statements are currently not supported by ObjectDB. JPA Feature Version: 1.04 Priority: Normal Status: Active ... Type:  JPA Feature ... Support ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO) edit ...



The Subquery interface defines functionality that is specific to subqueries.(Interface of JPA)


ObjectDB Object Database Features

ObjectDB provides a rich set of features, many of them as the result of supporting the JPA and JDO APIs.... implemented as part of ObjectDB's support of the JPA JPA Reference (JavaDoc) Java/JPA API Reference (based on the JPA 3 ...