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JPA / JDO Class Enhancer

The Enhancer is a post compilation tool that improves performance by modifying the byte code of compiled classes after compilation.... > Arguments > VM arguments In NetBeans JVM arguments can be set at the project properties: Right ...


JBOSS AS7 7.1.1 - Entity not persisted and createNamedQuery fire exception

I'm trying to have the guestbook example running in the following environment: jboss as 7.1.1 final oracle jdk 1.7.0_04 maven 3.0.4 objectdb 2.4.0_04 installed as a module of jboss No IDE is used for building the Guestbook.war only maven.   My GuestDAO code is as follows: ... a JBoss-ObjectDB problem but also JBoss-Eclipse, JBoss-NetBeans (no support of JBoss 7 in NetBeans yet), etc. ObjectDB was adjusted to JBoss 6 , then to ...


objectdb-2.6.9_06: Extended Persistence Context fails: 'Attempt to begin a new transaction when a transaction is active'

objectdb-2.6.9_01 NetBeans8.1+Glassfish4.1.1 Mac OS X Possibly related: How to Use a SF with extended Persistence Context? Test mini web app at: https://www.webel.com.au/downloads/objectdb/GreensoftObjectdbTestWebMini3683.2016-09-29.tgz ... But, both the entry/exit diagnostic logging sequence and NetBeans debugger breakpoints show that when an @Remove remove() method is ...