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JPA Lifecycle Events

Explains how to use JPA lifecycle events (client side triggers) with callback methods and listener classes.... ( ) { } @PostLoad javax.persistence.PostLoad JPA annotation Is used to specify callback methods for the ...


JPA Annotations for Callback Methods

Reference (JavaDoc) of JPA 2 event callback and listener annotations, including @PrePersist(2), @PreRemove, @PreUpdate, @PostLoad, @PostPersist, @PostRemove and @PostUpdate.... javax.persistence.PreUpdate javax.persistence.PostLoad javax.persistence.PostPersist ...



Is used to specify callback methods for the corresponding lifecycle event.(Annotation of JPA)



Invoked whenever a persistent instance is loaded from the data store.(Method of javax.jdo.listener.LoadLifecycleListener)



Whether we should load this group as part of the post load process.(Annotation Element of javax.jdo.annotations.FetchGroup)


Handling deleted references

Hi support team, I have a problem when using DELETE query to delete Entity instances. We use the following hierarchy: ... and no version. To simplify the use case I added a @PostLoad method to the User class, which simply checks if the profile instance ... is null and create a new profile instance: @ PostLoad private void checkProfileAvailable ( ) ...


Adding EntityListener Throws Unexpected Internal Exception

I tried adding EntityListener for a entity class and an exception was thrown. I followed similar as mentioned on the documentation but no luck. My entity class looks like below: ... class MyListener {   @ PostLoad public void onPostLoad ( Object o ) { Logger. info ( "PostLoad call." ) ; }   @ PreUpdate ...



Set the post-load property of this FetchGroup.(Method of javax.jdo.FetchGroup)



FetchGroup represents a named fetch group for a specific class or interface.(Interface of JDO)


Managing software release cycles.

How do you manage software release cycles with objectDB? For example we might have different installation of a given web application, and we might need to introduce new fields with default values or to change something in the database "structure".  How can we apply the update script without downloading the entire DB file? Are there any command line tools like sqlPlus to connect to a DB and execute queries / scripts? ... some cases you may have to write code. You can use the PostLoad event to adjust old objects to new format when they are loaded. ...