TreeSet and compareTo() issue

Hi I'm trying to use TreeSet but getting NPE on the compareTo() method when it does a find(): ... through, the process works ok but when you run the app a second time, you get the NPE.  Anyway, hopefully the test app is ...


EntityManager.refresh takes a long time

EntityManager.refresh takes a long time for entity object Person in this code: #1 2013-08-08 15:21 EntityManager.refresh takes a long time for entity object Person in this code: logger. log ( ...


Accessiblity of attributes in entities in several OSGi-Bundles

Hello, we have a problem with enhanced entities. It is very important to solve this issue. There are three entities in two OSGi-Bundles and we execute importRequirements() in RequirementServiceImpl: __________________________________________________________ Bundle A: @Entity class ModelElementImpl { ... the correct ObjectDB response in this case. The second exception ( NullPointerException ) may happen if that entity object is ...


Bug: ClassCastException by retrieval

Hi, when a generic array put into ObjectDB, its type changed to Object[]! codes: #1 2011-07-19 13:10 Hi, when a generic array put into ObjectDB, its type changed to Object[]! codes: package test ...



Interface used to control query execution.(Interface of JPA)


[ODB1] Chapter 5 - JDO Connections

The PersistenShows how to use database connections and transactions in JDO. ceManagerFactory interface represents a factory of database connections. Its main role is to provide PersistenceManager instances. The PersistenceManager interface represents a database connection. Every operation on a database requires a PersistenceManager instance. The Transaction interface represents a transaction on a database. Every operation that modifies the content of the database requires an active transaction.[toc hidden:1]... the first committed transaction succeeds while the second fails, throws an exception, and is rolled back automatically. ...


Automatic schema evolution causes ArrayOutOfBoundsException

Hi, I did 2 modification to our schema. Our schema looks like this: class Entity     - List<String> permissions class ServiceProvider extends Entity     - String name class Airline extends Entity     - String name     - String iata ... possibly in a PostLoad callback method . The second schema change is supported and should be handled automatically by ...


Incremental online backup

Hello, Are there plans for ObjectDB to handle incremental online backups, where a backup does not create a whole new copy of the DB, but "updates" an existing backup? This behavior would make backups much faster as only a portion of the data would need to be copied. Such a feature would also allow to perform backups more often, several times a day, in order to always have a backup that's closer to the current state of the DB. Thank you ... 1000 When a transaction ID is specified as a second argument the Replayer applies recorded operations only until that ...


InternalException: null

Hi! when I run my application where 10 threads are concurrently accessing ObjectDB (only reading) via using ExecutorService, then these 2 mistakes are coming rapidly: 1. ... which might have been missing in the context of your second reported stack trace. If it does't solve the issue, we may need a ...



... ( YEAR , MONTH , DAY , HOUR , MINUTE , SECOND ). Added support of  bypassing no arg ...