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Annotations not supported in -source1.3 (use -source 5 or higher ..)

objectdb-2.2.5_03 Netbeans IDE6.9.1 java version "1.6.0_24": as user running Netbeans java version "1.5.0_28": as su running maven mvn Maven version: 2.0.8 Firstly, I followed the instructions to build the points example from Maven, but on opening it in Netbeans 6.9.1 I got an error in Points.java and other files: Annotations not supported in -source1.3 (use -source 5 or higher ..) Generics not supported in -source1.3 (use -source 5 or higher ..) ... Specialists in model-based UML, SysML, Enterprise Java, XML, and Drupal CMS web engineering. Dr Darren Kelly, BSc, PhD, ...


PersistenceException: Failed to locate field

Hi, have recently been running into this issue when changing the schema: com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to locate field in this case, adding a primitive String field to an Entity. pretty sure that in the past schema evolution would not have triggered errors, is this case, a simple new field, shouldn't the policy be to add a null in that field, or other default for that primitive. ... still consider it a bug that enhancement based only on the XML agent=true flag, and no command line or programmatic enhancement, complains ... there should be a note that enhancement based only on the XML setting won't allow schema evolution. ...


Unlimited JPA Persistable Types

I think it would be revolutionary if it were possible to persist any Java object, not just the standard SQL-based objects. Perhaps introducing an annotation will allow for this, something like @BasicType. The ability to store the state of an entire application would be a new innovative approach to persistence. For example, being able to persist: private Thread thread; Since ObjectDB is a proprietary database, surely this could be introduced by adding some sort of equals() override? ... The above link is for an XML configuration. Is there a way to do the setting via a Java configuration by ...



... Version 2.6.8 Added JPA XML validation schema files to Maven/JEE objectdb.jar. Added ... Added support of JPA 2.1 persistence.xml and orm.xml formats. Added implementation of equals ...


Complex Schema Upgrade not working

Hello, We're trying to upgrade the DB-Schema. Simplied our source/original Schema/Class-Hierarchy looked like this: class contact.Contact class customer.Customer extends contact.Contact class member.Member extends customer.Customer We have database records within each class type (Contact, Customer and Member). ... The configuration XML is not synchronized with the example (in package names), but this is ...


Delete me

How do I fix this error/warning that Netbeans gives me? <img src="http://www.objectdb.com/files/attachments/Ashton/reserved.png" alt="Reserved Keyword" /> ... can escape the NetBeans warning with the hibernate.cfg.xml file, which is not part of JPA. Anyway, you only need that annotation for ... the @ Column annotation or define the mapping in an orm xml mapping file (not documented on ObjectDB website). ...


Step 2: Define a JPA Entity Class

Explains how to define a JPA entity class in a NetBeans Web Application.... indicates that a persistence unit definition in an XML file is missing. This is discussed in the ObjectDB Manual . But ...


Corrupted Database or error in ObjectDBExplorer?

Hello, we have problems when we open our Database file with the ObjectDB-Explorer (2.6.8_b8). Can you analyze the problem and tell us if its a problem of the explorer or a real problem in the Database-File? An analysis with the DB-Doctor found no problems.   We observe the error if we try to open the Tree or Table Window for com.btc.ep.analysis.test.bl.internal.dmos.RequirementBasedTestCaseImpl  (its the 9th entity)   ... database with up to date schema (your entity classes and XML metadata if any) available in the the classpath (either in the Explorer or ...



FetchGroup represents a named fetch group for a specific class or interface.(Interface of JDO)


Step 2: Define a JPA Entity Class

Explains how to create a JPA entity class in the NetBeans IDE.... that a persistence unit definition in an XML file is missing. This is discussed in the ObjectDB Manual . But ...