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... Fixed a NullPointerException during persistence field access. Fixed a NullPointerException in query execution. ...



Release date: 2012-01-09 Download (5.38 MB) Binary:  objectdb-2.3.6.zip You should start by following a  tutorial or reading the manual ...


Unexpected error when loading all entity instance

Hi, when going through all entity instance to find orphaned entries we get the exception: ... information: embedded mode (single process multi-threaded access), one database only, running inside a xen vm (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM for ... ObjectDB locks the database file to avoid concurrent access by different processes, but the lock may not be effective on some ...


Query by array element

Hello, I have a class as follows: @Entity public class MyEntity {     boolean properties[]= new boolean[1024]; } I would like to query objects with feature '42': select me from MyEntity me where me.properties[42]=true Is it possible? Thank you! ... This query is not supported since you cannot access arrays in queries. You can implement a method in MyEntity that wraps the array access operation and then use that method in the query. It is supported by ...


Password in Embedded Mode?

Is there a way to setup a database file that will be accessed in embedded mode, such that it is locked with a password.  Thereby making it impossible to use ObjectDB to access the contents of the file without providing the correct password when obtaining a connection.  In my case, I'm interested in obtaining a JPA connection:...  Thereby making it impossible to use ObjectDB to access the contents of the file without providing the correct password when ...


NULL reference, how to remove

we have in our db these objects, how can we remove them (we did already a -cp Doctor):     ... is needed about this NULL reference. Can we have access to the database? What happens when you try to access the containing entity object? How many such null references do you have? ...



Instances of the Extent class represent the entire collection of instances in the data store of the candidate class or interface possibly including its subclasses or subinterfaces.(Interface of JDO)



This interface is used to notify instances of delete events.(Interface of JDO)



(Required) The name of the relationship property whose mapping is being overridden if property-based access is being used, or the name of the relationship field if field-based access is used.(Annotation Element of javax.persistence.AssociationOverride)


getObjectById(oid, validate)

This method locates a persistent instance in the cache of instances managed by this PersistenceManager.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)