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Replication Issue

Hi, I am trying to use replication for this first time - so most likely I am doing something wrong. I have server on which I run my master DB server java -cp objectdb.jar com.objectdb.Server start -conf objectdbMASTER.conf on the same server I run a java program - which is writing objects every second a database KAKI.odb - here is the code: ... ; em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; em. persist ( x ) ; ...


IN operator syntax

Hi, what is the correct syntax for IN operator when list of literals ia used instead of parameter, e.g. SELECT FROM Info i WHERE i.status IN (1,4) ? (Suppose status is int.) I always get this exception: SELECT FROM Info i WHERE i.status IN (1 ==> , <== 4) javax.persistence.PersistenceException Unexpected query token ',' (closing ')' is missing) (error 752)   Query with only one item in list works fine: ...   em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; MyEntity e = new MyEntity ( ...


Step 4: Add a Servlet Class

Explains how to add a servlet that manages persistence using JPA and ObjectDB to a NetBeans Web Application.... em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; em. persist ( new ...


Working with a cleared cache

I'm working on trying to improve the performance of our database processing class and I'm attempting to keep the L1 cache within the PersistenceManager cleared in an effort to reduce its memory footprint. The code snippet below is part of a Callable task that is run repeatedly with a given list of commands. When I run the code as written I start getting the stack traces that are listed.  However, if I comment out the calls to makeTransactionalAll() and evictAll() everything works.... currentTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ;   // Query the database for ...


How to delete M2M relationship?

In user model class I have the following: public class User implements Serializable { ... getAllUsers ( em ) ; transaction. begin ( ) ;   for ( User u : ...



Return the object representing the JDO identity of the calling instance.(Method of javax.jdo.spi.StateManager)


CriteriaQuery .where() for multiple conditions

When using the below, there appears to be an OR condition:   ... em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; CriteriaBuilder ...


JPQL support for mapped by (inverse) collections

As discussed and demonstrated in this forum thread, collection methods (IS EMPTY, SIZE, MEMBER OF, IN) are not supported for mapped by (inverse) collections.   ...   em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; B b = new B ( ) ; ...


Activated ObjectDB still throws "Too many persistable types"

I have upgraded from 2.3.7 to 2.4.4 and now my activation won't work, throwing the dreaded com.objectdb.o.UserException: Too many persistable types (>10) - exceeds evaluation limit I have already reactivated and checked that my objectdb.conf is correctly used (by inserting random chars at the beginning of the file, which lead to an error). Yet I still get the error thrown. Nothing in my configuration changed except the version. What could possibly be the problem with that? #1 2012-10-29 14:43 I have upgraded from 2.3.7 to 2.4.4 and now my activation won't work, throwing the dreaded com. objec ...


Exception when querying Map property with @embedded & Enhancer enabled

Hi, I have the following test class that is failing when the enhancer is enabled, resulting in the error 'Failed to write the value of field field TestEmbeddableMap$MyAttributeItem.id using enhanced method.', if I disable the enhancement the test works as expected, and returns the expected MyEntity2 Thanks   ... ;   em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ;   MyEntity2 entity = new ...