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IMK Stall with certain query

Hello, I am experiencing constant IMK Stall notifications from Java when using certain query: 2015-09-01 16:53:15.785 java[3678:5217999] IMK Stall detected, *please Report* your user scenario in <rdar://problem/16792073> - (imkxpc_deadKeyStateWithReply:) block performed very slowly (4.63 secs) i am sure it is linked with objectdb as these are thrown each time one particular query is used: #1 2015-09-01 15:04 Hello, I am experiencing constant IMK Stall notifications from Java when using certain query: ...


Problem with @UniqueConstraint

It seems there is a problem with @UniqueConstraint. Same annotations using hibernate works fine - an error will be thrown - duplicate name. ObjectDB - no exception will be thrown. with best regardsPeter... ; em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; CI ci = new CI ( ) ...


Unexpected exception (Error 990)

Exception is thrown on commiting a transaction using this code: transaction.begin(); try { repository.setStatus(ImportStatusFlag.RUNNING_IMPORT); repository.setImportProgressMessage("Importing..."); //$NON-NLS-1$ repository.setImportProgressPercent(0); transaction.commit(); } finally { if (transaction.isActive()) { transaction.rollback(); } } "repository" is a Entity in database. Stracktrace as follows:   ... a transaction using this code: transaction. begin ( ) ; try { repository . setStatus ...



This interface is the point of contact between managed instances of PersistenceCapable classes and the JDO implementation.(Interface of JDO)


Possible issue for JPQL IS EMPTY expression

Possible issue for JPQL IS EMPTY comparison expression: SELECT e FROM MyEntity e WHERE e.collection-valued IS EMPTY throws javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Invalid operand type  for operator IS EMPTY (error 756) Thanks. ...   em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; em. persist ( new MyEntity ...


Access entity version before commit transaction

Hi, I have a usecase where I need to write the updated entity id to the database before commiting the transaction: 1. Change entity field e.g. from a to b 2. Create a change entry in database containing the new version of the entity ... just creates a transaction (entityManager.getTransaction().begin();) and commits it automatically at the end ...


Object explorer cannot open odb file. ObjectDB many-to-many relationship

I created a data model to test many-to-many relationship with a link table as following (full code in attachement) ... ;   em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; em. persist ( p1 ) ; ...


ClassCastException: cannot be cast to com.objectdb.spi.TrackableUserType

Hello, I have a class TherapeauticDrugScreenRqst with two other nested subclasses - all using Groovy. My first attempt to persist TherapeauticDrugScreenRqst to Objectdb 2.2.8 is successfully. However, although my method to store the method is shown below: ... try { transaction. begin ( ) pm. makePersistent ( instance ...


Memory leak while merging parent with No Cascade annotation with children

Hello support, While tracking memory leak in my application i suspected a memory leak in the merging object db implementation. The test case is the following, just run and watch the "Memory Used" by comparing Cascade.ALL (or Cascade.MERGE ) to nothing. Tested with last version of Object Db ( 2.5.5_05 ) ... em. getTransaction ( ) . begin ( ) ; }   em. ...


Cascading merge() leading to "Attempt to persist a reference to a non managed instance" error

Dear Support Using Objectdb 2.3.4_02 I ran into an exception while performing some tests with a parent/child relationship and cascading merge() operations. The parent has an application defined id, while the child's id is generated, but I don't know if this is of concern. The following "test case" reproduces the error: ... = em. getTransaction ( ) ; tx. begin ( ) ;   em. merge ( new Child ...