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[ODB1] Chapter 4 - JDO Metadata

Shows how to define JDO metadata for persistence capable classes.... as embedded objects or not. To understand the difference between embedded and embedded-element , think about a collection field ...



Hello, we got this exception when using ObjectDB: ... several times if it fails. If necessary, add a delay between successive find attempts. This may serve as a temporary ...


[ObjectDB 2.5.5_03] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

Hello! When I run this query SELECT t FROM Unit t WHERE t.lastGeocodedPosition IS NULL OR t.lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime < :lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime I get the following exception: ... Unit , that Unit is ignored. So there is a difference between NPE as a result of accessing a value field and NPE as a result of ...



The Query interface allows applications to obtain persistent instances, values, and aggregate data from the data store.(Interface of JDO)


Object as parameter results in exception

Hi,    I've got a simple JPA2 Criteria query which fails when doing an object equality. I verified this against EclipseLink and over there, it works. I'll Attach some code snippets to help figure it out:   @Entity() public class Product{ . . . @ManyToOne     private Compamy owningCompany; } @Entity() public class Company{    .    .    .     @Id    private Long id; } and the query: ... which are dynamic (i.e. the query structure changes between invocations). ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - ...


Vacuum - Reclaiming Unused Space In Odb

I was curious if you could assist me with a challenge we are having with our objectdb database.  Our odb files are about 50Gb in size and are written to about a million times a day with both adds and updates.  This is creating a lot of unused space in the database that we are wanting to reclaim.  Other database vendors provide a vacuum process to allow dumping a database to a flat file (basically a sql dump) and reload.  Is there a capability in ObjectDb to provide a vacuum?  The online backup feature appears to copy the dead space as well so isn't performing... and master servers are running and there is a connection between them then replication will be completed. Even if there is a failure, ...


problem with lazy loading - unittest project attached

hi, i'm still testing objectdb together with spring-data-jpa. i made a test which should simulate 4 requests 1. save entity 2. read an existing entity, add onetomany relation 3. read an existing entity, add another onetomany relation 4. read entity, get relations. i have the feeling this is not the optional way to test this, because of the differnt transaction behavior. the test is not transactional, but the spring repository methods are. ... object becomes detached. Since the relationship between Foo And Bar is lazy - it is unavailable in a detached Foo ...



... than 2GB. Fixed a bug in running queries between flush and commit. Fixed a deadlock ( issue #62 ). ...


query on calendar class

Hello!   I'm looking for help to build query on calendar class. I need to get objects where Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK is FRIDAY or any other. My class: @Entity public class Cdr {     private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;        @Id @GeneratedValue     private long serialID;     private String A;     @Temporal(TemporalType.TIMESTAMP) private Calendar start; I tested: ... createQuery ( "select c from Cdr c where c.start between {ts '2044-12-01 00:00:00'} and {ts '2044-12-01 01:00:00'}" , Cdr ...


FROM clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

Explains how to use the FROM clause and JOIN expressions in a JPA/JPQL query.... words: ABS, ALL, AND, ANY, AS, ASC, AVG, BETWEEN, BIT_LENGTH, BOTH, BY, CASE, CHAR_LENGTH, CHARACTER_LENGTH, CLASS, ...