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Property fields

Hello   How can I use a Property, such as: javafx.beans.property.BooleanProperty as a field within an entity class? I want to bind a JavaFX CheckBoxTableCell control to the property.   Thanks Russ ... You can use a simple boolean or Boolean  persistent field in an entity class, and wrap it with a set ...


Paths and Types in JPQL and Criteria API

Explains how to use object expressions (path navigation, type) in JPA/JPQL.... that navigate to values of simple types (number, boolean, string, date). Simple type values are more useful in queries. ... to collections, maps and values of simple types (number, boolean, string, date). For a path expression to be valid the user ...



(Class of java.securityClass Permission)



This class is for identity with a single int field.(Class of JDO)



Set the ordering specification for the result Collection.(Method of javax.jdo.Query)



This class is for identity with a single character field.(Class of JDO)



This class is for identity with a single String field.(Class of JDO)


Unable to delete the .odb file programatically

Hi, I created the test.odb file, read the contents and now trying the delete the odb file using objectd2.x. I see the folder there are two files created test.odb and test.odb$. Using the following code to delte the odb files ... File temp : files ) { boolean deleted = file. delete ( ) ; // getting false value for deleted boolean } When i am calling pm.close(), should not the ...


Field not persisted in abstract class with two level of nesting

Hi, I have a field (embedded TZ1) which is not persisted in class MHD1 (TZ1  extends AS and AS extends ATT). But it seems to work fine when I skip the AS and make TZ2 extend directly from ATT. Here is an example code MHD1 ... }   @ Override public boolean equals ( Object obj ) { TZ1 x = ... }   @ Override public boolean equals ( Object obj ) { TZ2 x = ...



This interface is a convenience interface that allows an instance to implement both ObjectIdFieldSupplier and ObjectIdFieldConsumer.(Interface of JDO)