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@ElementCollection Set<Integer> is emptied sometimes

Hi! I'm facing a really strange behavior, which I can't yet reproduce, but it happened 3-4 times already. ObjectDB seems to clear some fields that are @ElementCollection Set<Integer> of my objects. They appear HashSet<Integer> in ObjectDB Explorer. The only common thing I've seen is that this MAY happen when schema changes, even though nothing is changed in that Object's class. Any ideas why would this happen and how could it be avoided? Thanks (version 2.5.3 & Tomee & NetBeans) #1 2013-09-13 08:10 Hi! I'm facing a really strange behavior, which I can't yet reproduce, but it happened 3-4 times ...



Release date: 2011-05-09 Download (5.09 MB) Binary:  objectdb-2.2.4.zip You should start by following a  tutorial or reading the manual ...


lockfiles in client/server mode

i have an objectdb server running on localhost as user "objectdb", spawned like so: java -server -cp /usr/local/share/objectdb/objectdb.jar: com.objectdb.Server -conf /etc/objectdb/objectdb.conf start it has naturally created and taken ownership of /tmp/ObjectDB. ... will not be created in the default location if you change the temporary path in the configuration file to another path. ...


PersistenceException: Failed to locate field

Hi, have recently been running into this issue when changing the schema: com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to locate field in this case, adding a primitive String field to an Entity. pretty sure that in the past schema evolution would not have triggered errors, is this case, a simple new field, shouldn't the policy be to add a null in that field, or other default for that primitive. ... old and new enhancement. Please make sure that after the change you only use a clean build of your application with fresh enhancement. ...


[ODB1] Chapter 4 - JDO Metadata

Shows how to define JDO metadata for persistence capable classes.... persistence-modifier attribute makes it possible to change the default. Specifying a persistent value, as demonstrated by field ... by default. The default-fetch-group attribute can change the default, as demonstrated by fields f3 and f4 . embedded ...


[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

Explains what a persistence capable class is and which types are supported by JDO.... field is modified during a transaction because the change must be applied to the database when the transaction is committed. ... in the database remains in its old schema without any change. ...


Understanding limitations of schema evolution

Hi, I am trying to understand the limitations of schema evolution and have read the material on http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/entity/schema as well as the link therein regarding manual schema update when changing a field’s name Yet, i am confused regarding how to handle the case where one re-factors a class by moving one if it's Fields to a different class. Is this case managable? Thanks... and you will have to write code for making this schema change. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast Object ...


Merge Issue: Attempt to reuse an existing primary key value

Hello, I have just updated my objectdb version from 2.4.6 to 2.5.5. I observed a new bug or a feature on an ordinary merge operation. This is the test case ( work in 2.4.6 version ) : 2 parents object share the same child on a ManyToMany relationship with Cascade.ALL constraint. ... After some investigation we can confirm that a change in the behavior of merge in build 2.4.6_17 affects your test case. The change was applied following a support ticket that demonstrated a strange merge ...



Make the parameter instance persistent in this PersistenceManager.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)



Refresh the state of the instance from the database, overwriting changes made to the entity, if any.(Method of javax.persistence.EntityManager)