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This class is for identity with a single String field.(Class of JDO)


Not Enhanced: ...: com.objectdb.o.TEX: Type ..._$$_javassist_1 is not found

Hello! ObjectDB logs these errors when I start the app and open the log in page. (see attachment) dk.mandecentret.boundary.AuthB is a @javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped and dk.mandecentret.boundary.UserSessionB is @javax.enterprise.context.SessionScoped. AuthB contains UserSessionB through @Inject. Both are not entities or anything related to ObjectDB. AuthB is used in a JSF page for login. UserSessionB contains @Inject UserC, which is @Stateless for dealing with CRUD operations on User (an ObjectDB Entity). ... is thrown during an attempt to load a class in order to check if it needs enhancement. As you noted, this class is not related ...



Make the parameter instance persistent in this PersistenceManager.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)


multi thread application, id field sporadically null

We are testing objectDB with a multi thread application. Each thread has it's own entityManager created from a common factory. In one thread we receive sometimes an object from the database with the field that is declared as @Id having the value null (what is not correct, we checked that with the explorer). The class is declared like this: ... ... which is a new object that has no id yet. You may want to check if using a new EntityManager with an empty cache makes a difference, ...


Objectdb recovery

Hello, I have question regarding objectdb recovery when objectdb is not finished correctly (power outage). We are using following configuration: <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="128mb"/> <recording enabled="false" sync="false" path="." mode="write"/> Is there any possibility of data loss when power outage? ... the database file should not be corrupted. You can check your database file after such events by running the ObjectDB Doctor. ...


Problem with distinct select, order by and equivalent alias/attribute path

Hi, while working with a (standard-)JPA-query generating framework we run into an exception when ordering the results of some projection when the order by expression is different (though logically equivalent) to the projection expression. Here is the example: ... as the "correct" solution would suggest. Could you check these issues again? edit ...


index - data rewrite

Hi we have found that applying indexes on an existing table erases the data. Are we doing something wrong. Thanks ... in some cases. Please provide more information. Please check carefully if data is missing (very unlikely) or queries fail to return ...


Enhanced classes problem

Hell, we have problem with the OEM enhancement licencing. When we used runtime licencing using machine activation code, everything works fine. But when we enhanced our classes with OEM licence, following errors occurs: ... non OEM enhancement are the same, except the license check, which cannot cause this exception. ObjectDB ... Could you please check your application with the last build of ObjectDB (2.5.0_05)? If ...


Deploying objectdb.jar to karaf 4.0.7 seems to fail

Hello, I'm evaluating ObjectDB for a future use in an OSGi project using Apache Karaf 4.0.7 (and later) as OSGi container. When I try to deploy the objectdb.jar file to Karaf (copy the jar file to the deploy folder in Karaf) I get a stacktrace in the Karaf log file with the following message: ... the objectdb.jar file, build the jar again, and check it. If your version of objectdb.jar works well we will check how to repair our build process. ObjectDB ...


Connection is closed Caused by: java.io.EOFException

I am getting this exception on a regular basis, after a period of time of repeating the same code execution.  I don't understand why.  I restart the DB server and my code works again for another period of time until same exception is encountered again.  I cannot pin down a pattern e.g. after a certain period of time,  because the time  periods between exceptions are not regular, although frequent.  Any test case  I use will pass most of the time but will fail after an undetermined period. ... mode = "write" /> <locking version-check = "true" /> <processing cache = "64mb" ... } } } Please check if your application might create EntityManager instances without ...