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Index on map key

Is there a way to create an Index with @Index on the key of a map? ... not supported. But as a workaround you can use a collection of embedded objects, as demonstrated below: package test ... class MyEntity { MyEntity ( Collection<MyEntry> map ) { this . map ...



Defines a many-valued association with one-to-many multiplicity.(Annotation of JPA)



Instances of the type EntityType represent entity types.(Interface of JPA)


Unexpected Exception during commit

I'm testing code that otherwise has been working with a clean database. I have seen several examples of the following exception. It never seems to happen in the same place twice, though. If you can give me a hint as to what would internally cause this, I'll try to reproduce it. Carl   ... attempt to cascade persist through an inverse (mapped by) collection field fails. I am not sure which reference causes the ... that direct collections require loading the entire collection in order to access or alter even a single item. Is that true? In ...


Unexpected Query Token / Casting in Query

Hi! Please find the attached database. Doing a simple query with casting SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT $1) FROM com.quasado.foundation.contact.individual.IndividualContact $1 WHERE UPPER(((com.quasado.foundation.warehouse.api.model.account.contact.IndividualContactDebitorAccountFragment) $1.qubletFRAGMENTMAP.get('com.quasado.foundation.warehouse.api.model.account.contact.IndividualContactDebitorAccountFragment')).debitorAccount.bankAccounts.routingNumber) LIKE UPPER('%28%') results in the error ... casting will not help here because bankAccounts is a collection, and you cannot navigate from a collection in JPA without introducing a variable (ObjectDB does support ... product work - replace this query with code that scans the collection, extracts objects and checks them. This is a common technique in ...


[ODB1] Chapter 6 - Persistent Objects

Shows how to store, retrieve, update and delete database objects. ... calls to makePersistent( ... ) , or by passing a collection or array of objects to makePersistentAll( ... ) , which is ... ... ) method stores all the elements in the specified collection or array in the database, but not the collection or array itself ...



Get the roots for DetachAllOnCommit.(Method of javax.jdo.FetchPlan)



Returns a collection of class objects of the registered persistence-capable classes.(Method of javax.jdo.spi.JDOImplHelper)



Make a Collection of instances transient, removing them from management by this PersistenceManager.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)



The application can determine from the results of this method which optional features, and which query languages are supported by the JDO implementation.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory)