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Spring 4 setup

Can someone provide an example of setup ObjectDB embeded to be used with Spring4? Existing examples is like for Spring3 and I can't figure how to use ObjecDB in Spring tutorial: http://spring.io/guides/gs/accessing-data-jpa/   Thanx. ... uses Spring Boot and Spring JPA Data, so hidden default configuration applies (using Hibernate with the H2 database). To use ...


java.sql.Time field off by 30 minutes

Hihi, I'm wondering if this is a bug. I have a simple entity with java.sql.Time field. On writing and readback, the field is found to be 30 minutes off. It is observed on objectdb explorer as well. Timestamp works perfectly fine. Ps. dont think its a UTC issue. My system is set at far off UTC+30min time.   ... this. Maybe it is related to your specific system or Java configuration (possibly combined with ObjectDB). Can you provide a ...


Drop in Client/server mode not working

Hi, can't seem to get drop to work in c/s mode: version: objectdb-2.3.5_04 config: <extensions drop="tmp" /> url: 'objectdb://localhost/testStorage1.tmp;drop;user=admin;password=admin'   suggestions? David   ... Maybe your server configuration doesn't include tmp as a valid extension for drop? ...


On ensuring ID available after persist

This reports on a possible solution to a common problem: I was trialling ObjectDB on an existing, functioning, large JavaEE/JPA web application, which until now had used EclipseLink+MySQL and then Oracle+MySQL. On trying it out on ObjectDB I hit a problem with my very extensive entity wiring code, which relies on an "external" entity object having a non-null id after it has been passed to EntityManager.persist, thus: #1 2011-05-31 00:39 This reports on a possible solution to a common problem: I was trialling ObjectDB on an existing, functio ...


Step 2: Entity Class and Persistence Unit

Explains how to define a JPA entity class and a persistence unit (persistence.xml) in an Eclipse Spring MVC web application project. To store objects in an ObjectDB database using JPA we need to define an entity class: Right click the project node (in the [Package Explorer] window), select  New > Source Folder , enter src/main/java as Folder ...


Objectdb Server Mode set up with glassfish

Hi I'm new to Java, glassfish and objectdb, so please forgive my ignorance. I have a glassfish server working with the embeded mode of objectdb. I now want to set up objectdb in server mode. I have run the server.exe but I don't know what to do next ?!  Which jar far do I need to include in my project ? How do I configure my persitence.xml file ? Do I need to set up something in Glassfish ?   Thanks Paul Newman #1 2012-06-13 11:43 Hi I'm new to Java, glassfish and objectdb, so please forgive my ignorance. I have a glassfis ...


Problem witch CriteriaBuilder isMember(..)

Dear Objectdb-Team I have some Problems running a criteria query against a set. But maybe I misunderstood some essentials I have defined an entity class and an embeddable class like this ... used on user defined classes or does i missed some extra configuration. edit ...



The name of the persistence manager factory property elements in the JDO configuration file.(Static Field of javax.jdo.Constants)


Logging archive contains non-objectdb log files

Hi, I'm dealing with problem, that objectdb's log archive folder contains several other log files which are not part of objectdb. We use single location for our application log files and also objectdb log files. When application crashes or retarts, we noticed that several of our log files reside inside objectdb's archive log folder. ... logging works, but can it be that it somehow changes configuration of our logging framework? I'm just trying to grasp this ...



Get the properties and associated values that are in effect for the entity manager factory.(Method of javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory)