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objectdb.home for client/server

Currently, we do need to manually setup the objectdb.home property eventhough we're working on client/server mode. However, without setting this in our client, he complains about the missing objectdb.conf. Why is this required? Can't the server deliver it? Most of the time we do not even know where our object db home is located at as we might have multiple server instances running on multiple machines so all we do really need to supply should be the server connection url and no objectdb.home..   Alex ... the default ObjectDB home directory and the path to the configuration. I am closing this issue - since it is not a bug. ...


Intermittent Exception "Attempt to update types in read only mode"

I have a master/slave(s) setup and I am finding on the slaves that the slave client will get this message when trying to establish an EntityManager to the slave: ... with has "Access" only and I would assume if it was a configuration problem it would either work or it wouldn't, this seems ...


Replication error on slave restart

I'm trying to enable replication on master server that was running with "recovery" enabled previously. I have copied database file to slave... and so on by manual. It worked fine. But if I restart slave server: ... on the master server. Could you please post the configuration files of your servers? ObjectDB Support ... could you please try changing the master recording configuration: <recording enabled = "true" sync = ...


Managing software release cycles.

How do you manage software release cycles with objectDB? For example we might have different installation of a given web application, and we might need to introduce new fields with default values or to change something in the database "structure".  How can we apply the update script without downloading the entire DB file? Are there any command line tools like sqlPlus to connect to a DB and execute queries / scripts? ... changes are either fully automatic or can be defined by configuration. In some cases you may have to write code. You can use ...


Drop in Client/server mode not working

Hi, can't seem to get drop to work in c/s mode: version: objectdb-2.3.5_04 config: <extensions drop="tmp" /> url: 'objectdb://localhost/testStorage1.tmp;drop;user=admin;password=admin'   suggestions? David   ... Maybe your server configuration doesn't include tmp as a valid extension for drop? ...


Objectdb Server Mode set up with glassfish

Hi I'm new to Java, glassfish and objectdb, so please forgive my ignorance. I have a glassfish server working with the embeded mode of objectdb. I now want to set up objectdb in server mode. I have run the server.exe but I don't know what to do next ?!  Which jar far do I need to include in my project ? How do I configure my persitence.xml file ? Do I need to set up something in Glassfish ?   Thanks Paul Newman #1 2012-06-13 11:43 Hi I'm new to Java, glassfish and objectdb, so please forgive my ignorance. I have a glassfis ...


Logging archive contains non-objectdb log files

Hi, I'm dealing with problem, that objectdb's log archive folder contains several other log files which are not part of objectdb. We use single location for our application log files and also objectdb log files. When application crashes or retarts, we noticed that several of our log files reside inside objectdb's archive log folder. ... logging works, but can it be that it somehow changes configuration of our logging framework? I'm just trying to grasp this ...


ObjectDB Explorer Exposes Username and Password

How can I prevent my database username and password from being exposed by ObjectDB Explorer? ... If I understand correctly, if someone were to remove the configuration file, the username and password would again be exposed. My ...


Adding multi part path index on non-embedable object member

Is there a way to add single member index on members of a object member which is not configured embedable but is/are mapped by id like the two members below.  @Entity public class Customer {     @MapsId     @ManyToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)     private Merchant merchant;       @MapsId     @ManyToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)     private List<Store> stores;     // Setter/Getter #1 2014-10-17 07:08 Is there a way to add single member index on members of a object member which is not configured embedable but is/ ...


getPersistenceManagerFactory(propsFile, loader)

Returns a PersistenceManagerFactory configured based on the properties stored in the file at propsFile.(Static Method of javax.jdo.JDOHelper)