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Empty query results after JAR creation

Hi, I struggle with a strange issue. I've embedded ObjectDB in a small application to query cases. Within Netbeans everything works fine but when I create a  JAR File and executed via "Java -Jar xyz.jar", I get either empty results or on some cases a "NoResultException" which appears to report the same issue. I've created a small test case (attached zip file) with sample DB to reproduce the issue.  ... What do I wrong? Do I need any additional configuration to deploy ObjectDB correctly to a Jar file that can be ...


Is an objectdb.conf required when providing test case projects here?

I am not sure whether it is mentioned anywhere (it does not seem to be given as an option under http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/setting) but it seems that ObjectDB projects run without an objectdb.conf (as long as <activation> is not required for > 10 entity classes). Q: In the case where omitting the objectdb.conf does not impact on a problem being reported and diagnosed, is it acceptable to completely omit the objectdb.conf when providing (links to) mini test projects here on this forum and the issue queues ? ... i.e. when the problem does not occur with the default configuration. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast ...


Clarification on free license restrictions

Hello,   My apologies if the answer is already on the website, but I’m struggling to find a definitive answer.  The 10 entity class restriction is very clear, but can each of these classes use unrestricted numbers of embeddable classes?  Do embeddable classes count as part of the ten?  I assume not, but I need to check before I code further (and learn more about the product).   #1 2011-12-22 11:43 Hello,   My apologies if the answer is already on the website, but I’m struggling to find ...


Deadlock in objectdb code

Running multi-threaded access to an embedded database using JDO, I'm getting a deadlock in objectdb code.  Thread dump attached. ... build 2.5.0_06. To see registered types add to the configuration file: <logger name="type.registry" level="info" /> ...


Getting exception while executing the Query

I have facing a problem when i am executing the query first time, Please find the stack trace below ... also try changing the value of  max-threads in the configuration to 0 , in order to avoid using semaphores (since the exception ...


Transaction isolation support?

I am looking at using ObjectDB for our new project, and its looking good so far. But I have been unable to find any documentation about how transaction isolation is handled. For example: What happens If I am reading data in transaction A, and then transaction B commits while A is reading. (Especially if using LAZY fetch sub object). Do I always just get the list of objects as it looks when the fetch start? Martin   ... the default optimistic locking (unless disabled in the configuration). You can use refresh  to get an up to date ...


Need to close+open database for a commit to be taken into account

Hi, I have one case where commit (update of entity in this case) is not taken in account unless database is actually closed and re-open, no error. I tried to use flush instead of close+re-open but it does not work. So currently there is a dirty close + open + reload on each update of one of these entities, which is far from ideal. The entity involved contains (between other fields) another entity, that's the only particularity i can see. I tried with and without entity relationship defined, no difference. ... Maybe you should try disabling all sorts of cache in the configuration file, but the information provided is insufficient for suggesting ...


Attempt to store an instance of a non persistable type java.net.URL

ObjectDB 2.3.6_16: The following works in EclipseLink+MySQL and EclipseLink+Oracle: ... default but you may enable it by changing that default configuration Note: This is a client side setting, so in ...



Interface used to interact with the entity manager factory for the persistence unit.(Interface of JPA)



... space after index deletion. Changed default configuration (enabled recovery, disabled recording). Fixed a ...