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Hello, I have a persistent class which looks something like this: @Entity public class Test { private String string; private Date date; @Transient private boolean test; // getters/setters } When I persist the class the transient 'boolean test' is stored in the database, maybe I am doing it wrong but I expect... private String string ; private Date date ;   @ Transient private boolean test ; ...


user defined backup target

Dear objectdb Team 1. I could not find a way, to declare the name of the backup-file (while running the database).  The only way I found is to create the folder in which objectdb will copy the database - file:   ... backup database-file to a self defined target without any Date/Time Information maybe: .. /Users/backup/mybackup.objectdb ... would be located in a sub folder whose name reflects the date and time. Additional option can be added in future versions of ObjectDB. ...


Extending model by "common entity"

Hi, I have a question about extending working model with one, common entity, that all other entities will inherit from. For example I have 2 different entities in database with some data:... private String createdBy ; private Date createdAt ; private String modifiedBy ; private Date modifiedAt ;   // (getters and setters here) } ...



Set the filter for the query.(Method of javax.jdo.Query)



Create an aggregate expression for finding the least of the values (strings, dates, etc).(Method of javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder)



Create an aggregate expression for finding the greatest of the values (strings, dates, etc).(Method of javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder)


Speeding up reporting queries with size() on list

Hi, I'm working on some reporting stuff in our application. One of few different reports should include activity on last modified objects. The query for now looks like this: select date(insp.lastModificationDate), insp.modifiedBy, insp.description.length(), insp.products.size(), insp.picture from Inspiration insp order by date(insp.lastModificationDate) desc insp.description is normal String field in Inspiration entity. insp.products is a list with 0 to 600 objects. Definition: ... The query for now looks like this: SELECT date ( insp . lastModificationDate ) , insp . modifiedBy , ... . picture FROM Inspiration insp ORDER BY date ( insp . lastModificationDate ) DESC ...



This annotation must be specified for persistent map keys of type java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar.(Annotation of JPA)


_PersistenceException: Type is not found on getSingleResult.

Greetings. I'm new to ObjectDB. I'm using an ObjectDB local database for a Java SE standalone application and i'm having issues querying for an object of this entity: ... @ Temporal ( TemporalType . DATE ) private Date fechaNacimiento ;   private String primerNombre ; ...


Is there an administration tool with which I could create extra indexes?

Hello, I have composite index, and it was working fine, but now I need to add more features to the software and I need to throw more indexes in there. I wanted to know what's the best way to do this. 1. Have some admin tool CREATE INDEX..... ON a.b or 2. add more @Index to the object entities. in case of #2, would ObjectDB auto-reindex all existing data? ... class. Open the database with the up to date class in the classpath in order to update the schema. Run ... be skipped if you run the Doctor (step 3) with your up to date classes in the classpath. ObjectDB Support ...