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Mapped By Fetch is very Slow

Well ! I think i pointed out a HUGE performance issue with mapped-by attribute (yeah again :( ). Here is the test case : 1- Create 100 000 entities with for each 1 entity with @OneToOne(mappedBy attribute) 2- Retrieve only 10 000 for testing 3- Wait ... On my AMD FX 8350, it took 60s Now, go the MyEntity class and remove "mapped-by". You obtain 1 second max of query fetch. ... ( ) ;   Long start = new Date ( ) . getTime ( ) ;   ... ( ) ;   Long end = new Date ( ) . getTime ( ) ;   Long ...


Use temporary files to enable very large transactions

We have transactions in which many objects are created. These objects are no longer needed in the current transaction after creation. Unfortunately, we will receive an OutOfMemory exception because the objects are kept in the first level cache of ObjectDB. In the forum thread http://www.objectdb.com/database/forum/921 on post #4 you wrote, that ObjectDB should support very large transactions in further version. Can you implement it that ObjectDB used temporary files? ... reference_path_of_type_Date.PNG reference_path_of_type_EEI.PNG ... TemporalType . TIMESTAMP ) private Date date ;   /** * Construct a new message and set its date to ...


[ObjectDB 2.5.5_03] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

Hello! When I run this query SELECT t FROM Unit t WHERE t.lastGeocodedPosition IS NULL OR t.lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime < :lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime I get the following exception: ... absolutely right. This query works. Actually I passed a date parameter before but my WHERE clause generator simply took the filed name ... . receiveTime1u6kopqt6zmjo ) Then a date is set on ":lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime1u6kopqt6zmjo". ...



Release date: 2011-01-11 Download (3.4 MB) Binary:  ...


Calculating age in query?

Hi! I've got an issue: I have a birthdate as java.sql.Date and a separate field int age. However, of course the age is not accurate because it gets set only once. So what's the best bet (JPA Standard way) to solve the issue of accessing and filtering by an age (having a birthdate) in a query? thanks! Alex ... I've got an issue: I have a birthdate as java.sql.Date and a separate field int age. However, of course the age is not accurate ... You can use a JPQL query with a simple date comparison: SELECT p FROM Person p WHERE p . ...


Error: Failed to write value of field X using reflection (oneToMany relation)

Hi there! I have been all day trying to solve this. I have read multiple sites and documentation, but I can go through this. I have a clase named Pedido, that have a reference ManyToOne to a clase Cliente. ... ( optional = false ) private Date fechaYhora ; //Fecha en que se debe enviar el coche   } ...


[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

Explains what a persistence capable class is and which types are supported by JDO.... . Selected classes in package java.util : Date , Locale , HashSet , TreeSet , ArrayList , LinkedList , ... automatically converted into an instance of the new up-to-date persistent class. The conversion is straightforward. New persistent ...


java.lang.NullPointerException when using ORDER BY

We are using ObjectDB 2.5.1_04. The following query causes an internal null pointer exception: SELECT r FROM RecordingMetaData AS r WHERE ((r.mapToCli != '' AND r.callDirection == 0)) ORDER BY r.startDateTime DESC If we remove the ORDER BY part, the query completes OK and returns the records from the DB, but obviously not in order. Here is the stack trace of the exception: ... in RecordingMetaData as follows: private Date startDateTime ; // Time stamp: start of recording in local time ... the NullPointerException. Note that r.startDate is also a Date member like r.startDateTime.   ...


Failed to read DB file while online backup is running

Hi, it happened already few times (seemingly randomly), that some db operation (read and also write) failed with an exception during an online backup of the same DB file was running and was close to finish its task. The version of ObjectDB I am running is 2.6.1.b02 Any idea what is causing this and how to avoid it ?   Stacktrace 1: ... 1000l ;   public void performTask ( Date date ) { long wholestart = D. profile ( ...



This class is a helper class for JDO implementations.(Class of JDO)