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Once served to JSF page via @EJB query bean, many list fields are null (but same query ok after fresh persist in @PostConstruct)

I have marked this as CRITICAL because although there probably is no database integrity problem, the inability to robustly query relationship fields in a web application renders the ObjectDB system seemingly useless. objectdb-2.2.5_10 NetbeansIDE6.9.1 Glassfish3.01 client-server mode. odb file written to db-files/greendesk/greendesk.odb (see persistence.xml), copy of odb output attached. ... edit delete webel ... edit delete webel ...


Sometimes the ObjectDB throws an internal expeption if a persist() was executed

[ObjectDB 2.6.6_08] Unexpected exception (Error 990) Generated by Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.8.0_51 (on Windows 7 6.1). Please report this error on http://www.objectdb.com/database/issue/new com.objectdb.o.InternalException: java.lang.NullPointerException: null java.lang.NullPointerException at com.objectdb.o.OBM.bE(OBM.java:395) at com.objectdb.o.OBM.bE(OBM.java:269) at com.objectdb.jpa.EMImpl.persist(EMImpl.java:442) ... edit delete btc_es ... edit delete support ...


PersistenceException: Failed to locate field

Hi, have recently been running into this issue when changing the schema: com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to locate field in this case, adding a primitive String field to an Entity. pretty sure that in the past schema evolution would not have triggered errors, is this case, a simple new field, shouldn't the policy be to add a null in that field, or other default for that primitive. ... edit delete dmoshal ... edit delete support ...



(Static Field of javax.jdo.listener.InstanceLifecycleEvent)


Query fails with numerical values > 2^31

Hi ! I'm trying to execute the following query (from Java-code, also tried ObjectDB Explorer) delete from DataRecord p where p.TimeOfDeletion < 4147483648 This fails with "invalid numerical literal". The field p.TimeOfDeletion is of type long. As far as I know, the maximum value greater than 2^31 (Oracle: "The long data type is a 64-bit two's complement integer.") ... (from Java-code, also tried ObjectDB Explorer) DELETE FROM DataRecord p WHERE p . TimeOfDeletion < ... possible to store this big numbers. But, why is my DELETE-statement failing me with numbers above 2147483648 ? Any ...


Occasionally slow requests in load testing

We are running load testing against objectdb version 2.3.7_18. The performance is generally OK, however there are quite a few "spikes" in the performance where we are getting a lot of very slow response times from the DB, around 10 - 15 seconds. Looking at the DB server process with AppDynamics we can see that most of the requests get stuck in one of 2 places: com.objectdb.o.PGC:w: line number 232 com.objectdb.o.LFL:U: line number 1068 Please see the attached callgraph examples for full stack trace examples. ... edit delete natmaclin ... edit delete support ...


Issue with DISTINCT Select

It is getting more and more frustrating :( We've introduced distinct select instead of regular selection in our code (no changes else) and suddenly receive invalid identifiers in queries exceptions in various queries. Here's the stacktrace: ... edit delete quasado ... edit delete support ...


Maven host down?

Hi, Something is wrong with ODB maven repository. I was trying to update / resolve dependency for new ODB build and m2.objectdb.com seems to be down. Can you check this please? Thanks. ... edit delete lwalkowski ... edit delete support ...


Possible cause for "Enhancement of type ... is old and cannot be used"

We get the following log: ... edit delete btc_es ... edit delete support ...


BIRT Driver Improvements

Currently the ObjectDB BIRT driver has the following limitations that should be fixed: It works with Eclipse 3.6 and BIRT 2.6 but not with Eclipse 3.7 and BIRT 3.7. It is bound to a specific ObjectDB version that it contains. ... edit delete support ... edit delete quasado ...