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JPQL Subqueries (JPA 1.0)

The JPQL (Java Persistence Query Language) supports defining subqueries, which are nested queries that are embedded in other queries. Subqueries are currently not supported by ObjectDB, and as a workaround, you can use a sequence of two or more queries, where the results of one query serves as a parameter in the next queries. ... edit delete support ...


Dynamic Metadata (JDO 3.0)

JDO 3 introduces the ability to specify metadata of persistable types dynamically. ObjectDB 2 supports specifying metadata by: JPA XML Mapping Metadata JPA Annotations JDO XML Metadata (e.g. package.jdo) JDO Annotations All these... edit delete support ...


New Web Application Tutorials

New ObjectDB/JPA tutorials have been published today: Eclipse/JPA Web Application Tutorial NetBeans/JPA Web Application Tutorial The new tutorials demonstrate how to build a simple database driven web application using ObjectDB and JPA. Understanding these tutorials requires some familiarity with basic concepts and principles of Java web applications, including Servlets, JSP and HTML.... edit delete support ...


Terracotta Ehcache Integration

Hello , it will be good if you make alliance with terra-cotta ehcache. Their distributed memory cache is very fast.IF we mix with your engine. It will be very great for us. ... edit delete kadirbasol ...


Abiity to save queries in Explorer

... edit delete dmoshal ...


Git seems not to commit objectdb.conf

git version (Mac OS X) For some reason my Git seems to be "ignoring" (although not in .gitignore) the web/WEB-INF/objectdb.conf in a web app. I can't find anything about the .conf suffix being ignored. Has anybody noticed this and/or found a solution ? ... edit delete webel ...


New Tutorial: Using BIRT with ObjectDB/JPA

Version 2.2.7 of ObjectDB added support of report generation using the popular open source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT). The new Report Generation with BIRT and JPA tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to use BIRT to produce reports based on data in an ObjectDB database. ... edit delete support ...


How to avoid NULL values on Embedded entities

Hi there. I'm new on this. trying to learn. I'm trying to make a value non nulleable. So, when I try to upload to the DB this field as null, it give me an error. I tried this, but it didn't work: ... edit delete elnll002 ...



This is the event class used in life cycle event notifications.(Class of JDO)


Explorer Features - refresh + viewing open embedded database

Request for feature: Ability to auto-refresh an explorer view, say at regular intervals of a few seconds. (at a minimum one ought to be able to manually refresh, for example the list of persistent types). additionally, it would be useful to be able to view an embedded database (read only mode) via the explorer. ... edit delete dmoshal ...