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What is new in ObjectDB 2.0?

ObjectDB 2.0 supports many new features and improvements, including: Most of the features of the new JPA 2.0 and JDO 2.2 APIs. User defined IDs (primary key) and sequences. Support of unlimited index keys size. SQL like queries (" ...


Fetch a whole entity graph eager

Hello, I have two question at you. Are you provided JPA 2.1 annotation @NamedEntityGraph in next version ObjectDB 3.0? And do you know an easy possibility to get an entirely eager entity graph with all depended entities which we can use as a detached full accessible entity graph outside a transaction without lazy loading? Best regards ... graph with all depended entities which we can use as a detached full accessible entity graph outside a transaction without lazy ...


Removing an entity throws exception

Hi all, I'm testing ObjectDB for my project, but I have troubles with it. At this time I'm not able to remove customer entity, when it's read by a query (it's attached), it throws this exception: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.RuntimeException: com.objectdb.o._RollbackException: Failed to commit transaction: 51 ... ...   After this exception is the entity detached (why?). When I merge it, I can remove it without problems... ...


@Entity saved in Tomcat session - problem

Hi, I have found a problem, when storing @Entity object in Tomcat session. When starting or stopping Tomcat, I get nasty exception - please check attached log. Strange thing is, that after this exception everything works perfectly fine. The problem appears after using Enhancer. The nasty solution is to create copy of @Entity class as normal POJO and use it to store in session. The problem is, that we need the same logic for temporary users (without storing in DB) and permanent users (stored in database). A separate POJO makes the whole logic quite complicated.... and starting Tomcat entity objects in the session will be detached. Thank you for this report. ObjectDB ...



Get the roots for DetachAllOnCommit.(Method of javax.jdo.FetchPlan)



For use with PersistenceManager.detachCopy and setDetachmentOptions.(Static Field of javax.jdo.FetchPlan)



The target object of the Event.(Method of javax.jdo.listener.InstanceLifecycleEvent)


Use temporary files to enable very large transactions

We have transactions in which many objects are created. These objects are no longer needed in the current transaction after creation. Unfortunately, we will receive an OutOfMemory exception because the objects are kept in the first level cache of ObjectDB. In the forum thread http://www.objectdb.com/database/forum/921 on post #4 you wrote, that ObjectDB should support very large transactions in further version. Can you implement it that ObjectDB used temporary files? Bug Version: 1.04 Priority: Critical Status: Fixed Replies: 27 Type:  Bug ...



This class represents exceptions caused by access of an unloaded field while the instance is detached.(Exception of JDO)


getReference(entityClass, primaryKey)

Get an instance, whose state may be lazily fetched.(Method of javax.persistence.EntityManager)