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Instances of the type IdentifiableType represent entity or mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)


How to install ObjectDB on my Amazon EC2?

Hi I just created an Amazon EC2 account and I want to build project based on Java/JPA and OpenDB. I searched the web but didn't find any proper tutorials. I appreciate if you help me with a guide. Thanks.  ... EC2 instance. But you can also use ObjectDB in embedded mode, and in that case you only have to run a Java Web Server / Web ...


em.flush(); em.clear(); loosing data and not persisting managed objects

I'm having trouble with flush() and clear() in a loop inside a transaction not persisting modified objects to database. Sometimes it does other times it doesn't. Here is my Entity. ... I doubt that ID class would give you better results than embedded IDs since they are very similar. Actually it is very strange ...


Failed to read the value of field using reflection (error 363)

I have encountered this error from one of the many servers hosting my application. Other servers didn't encounter errors of this kind and running without problems. My system provider said that nearly all of the servers are VM-based including this one which encountered this error. It is the 'youngest' server in deployment. I can get more information as you require. As the application developer, I am perplexed as I have use JPA and ObjectDB for years now. I could use your assistance in overcoming this problem. Thank you. ----- ... have changed the JAR file to [2.5.3_03], and switch from embedded mode to server mode. The error still persists (see attachment). ...


Problem witch CriteriaBuilder isMember(..)

Dear Objectdb-Team I have some Problems running a criteria query against a set. But maybe I misunderstood some essentials I have defined an entity class and an embeddable class like this ... build 2.6.4_08 which fixes an issue of using MEMBER with embedded objects. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - ...


Issue with DISTINCT Select

It is getting more and more frustrating :( We've introduced distinct select instead of regular selection in our code (no changes else) and suddenly receive invalid identifiers in queries exceptions in various queries. Here's the stacktrace: ... I mean, it is not a collection though, it is just an embedded object which should regularily returned with $1 no? If not, what is ... to work fine.. (i.e. sorting by the property of an embedded entity within a map etc.) Hrm not sure whether this is a bug ...


can removing an entity throw an exception if the entity is in use?

Suppose you have an entity @Entity class A { ... } and other entities with references to A.   e.g. @Entity class B { A a; // explicit reference to A List<A> list; // list of A's Set<A> set; // set of A's Set untyped; // general collection that may include A's } Objectdb allows me to remove an instance of A, even if a managed B has some reference to that A. When I then find the B instance and try to reference the A, I get an EntityNotFoundException. ... there a query that can return all Objects (@Entity and/or @Embedded) that include any reference to a specific Entity? ...


DB Explorer and Doctor unable to open DB file

Hi, one of my DB files can not be open by neither DB explorer, nor the DB Doctor. Both are writing same mistake : ... file without difficulties though (reading and storing the embedded type RackModel). The type SelectionModel (which is not found) is the ...


Modifying something with Explorer -> app JPQL with Enum doesn't work anymore

Hi! Scenario: Copy attached DB into localhost ObjectDB server (I'm running 2.5.1_03). Open attached project JavaEE Maven with NetBeans (7.4 beta in my case). Start ObjectDB on localhost as server. Run project on Apache Tomee 1.5.2 standard. Take a look at NetBeans' output to see how many entities are found with field type GOOD. There are 2 ways generate the bug: ... b WHERE b.type = ?1" (param 1 is Bug.Type.GOOD)(type is Embedded(String))(see code) Problem continuation: I've seen it ...



Instances of the type MappedSuperclassType represent mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)