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can't get HashMap out of the database

I'm trying to persist an Entity containing a HashMap. It stores the data in the database OK, but the map is always empty when I get the entity out of the database again. I've reproduced this problem in a simple variation of the Guestbook tutorial: Guest class: ===================== ... 08:14 Nested embedded is supported and your new test works with version 2.3.2_05. ...


Query becomes slower on moving from ObjectDB 1.x to ObjectDB 2.x

Hi, I upgraded the odb file using converter.jar which is having 15943 entry. Previously, with object 1.x, the same query was getting executed within an seconds and now the same is taking around 40 seconds in object db 2.x I have build the query using the follwoing Query query = persistanceManager.newQuery("LogEntryAttrebuteImpl.calss", "typeIndexes.contains(this.type) && logEntryIdList.contains(this.logEntryId)"); ... <field name="detectedNodes" embedded="true">    <collection embedded-element="true" />   </field>   ...


Activation Issue

Hi, We bought a site license the yesterday. I ran the activation class this morning. That generated the activation key. I took that key as per the instructions, added it to the objectdb.conf inside the jar, and everything was happy. (this was with 2.3.7). However after a reboot I'm now getting the evaluation license restriction message again at compile time (which was I was seeing before putting the activation key in objectdb.conf). I tried upgrading to 2.3.7_02 and updating objectdb.conf with the activation key, but get the same behaviour. ... The unit test only has the jar file, and creates an embedded database. The jarfile most definitely had the activation code in ...



The Query interface allows applications to obtain persistent instances, values, and aggregate data from the data store.(Interface of JDO)


How force always recreate database on redeployment.

Is there some easy way to force recreation/deletion of the current database on deployment of a web application (to Glassfish). My web application uses a @Singleton @Startup bean to create and persist a test model each run. I keep getting models on top of each other on rerunning my web application. Currently, to avoid multiple models in the database, I have to undeploy from Glassfish, stop the server, delete the database file, re-start the objectdb server, re-run the web app, which is tedious. ... Thanks for your reply. I am now working in embedded mode, and am not having problems with drop anymore. In ...


Unexpected exception (Error 990) - NullPointerException

I'm using Version 2.5.4_05 Maybe this Exception is created by calling em.merge()  - et least this is what I do in the named line. ... you were passing an entity object (and not a collection, embedded object, etc.) to the merge method? Apparently, sending a non ...


Project runs in Eclipse but not when exported to runnable jar

I have a simple project that performs some stability calculations and displays a scale drawing of a model glider. I decided to use objectdb as a way to persist the values for later retrieval. The project works perfectly well when run from eclipse but nothing opens when I export to a runnable jar and execute that. No windows open, there are no eror dialogs etc. Commenting out all the code related to object db resolves the issue and the project runs, so I'm fairly sure it is something I've done relating to objectdb. ... empty one is created (accessing a database file that is embedded in a jar file is not supported by ObjectDB). You can define ...


Should I be able to persist a JFrame (or gui components in general)?

    I did the following: 1. (using Netbeans 8.02 & last available java 7 sdk) I sort of follow your tutorial(s) while applying the ideas to a sample that came with the IDE called GUIFormExamples (under samples). ... wondering what is supposed to happen to the fields of Embedded classes. Looking it up, if they are persistable, they should be ...


ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on flush

The following exception was thrown when my app attempted to flush an objectdb database: ... 2) No replication is in use - the database in question is embedded 3) The database was created in place by objectdb (i.e. on a ...


Redeployment in GlassFish - Failed to open file

Hi. I am facing a problem with the redeployment of the application in GlassFish. I can deploy my application in GlassFish for the first time and it works. Once I need to redeploy it after making some changes in the source codes, the following errors come up in the GlassFish Log. It seems that the database file is still in use. I have highlighted the cause by red color. How I can release the database file for redeployment? Every time, I need to stop the server, start it again and redeploy the application. it is very troublesome during development.... - try using ObjectDB in client server mode instead of in embedded mode. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast ...