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order by string with numbers

Hi Anyone could help me I need ordered a string  for example user1, user2, ..., user1000 I found sql solution but I would like to use criteria builder I don´t if exist CAST and AS UNSIGNED ORDER BY CAST(SUBSTR(usernameFROM 2) AS UNSIGNED) ASC If you have other alternative for JPA CriteriaBuilder please let me know. Thanks   ... type, args) CriteriaBuilder's method Create an expression for the execution of a database function. See JavaDoc Reference ...



The TupleElement interface defines an element that is returned in a query result tuple.(Interface of JPA)



The Selection interface defines an item that is to be returned in a query result.(Interface of JPA)



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ObjectDB Object Database Features

ObjectDB provides a rich set of features, many of them as the result of supporting the JPA and JDO APIs. ObjectDB provides a rich set of features. Many features are implemented as part of ObjectDB's support of the JPA JPA Reference (JavaDoc) Java/JPA API Reference (based on the JPA 3 JavaDoc) See JavaDoc Reference Page... an ...


LEFT JOIN FETCH over empty embedded collection returns no results

First of all, thank you for promptly implementing JOIN FETCH over nested paths in response to my inquiry a few months ago. However, I have run into one problem: if an embedded collection is empty, but I attempt to LEFT JOIN FETCH all the members of a collection within a (non-existent) member of the first collection, the result of the overall query is an empty set. To use the example from my original post: @Embeddable class A { String val; };   ... The problem may be with the expression  c.bList.val . Path expressions are considered as INNER JOIN ...



... Added support of using list of literals in an query IN expression. Added the ability to disable hollow objects . ...


[ObjectDB 2.5.5_03] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

Hello! When I run this query SELECT t FROM Unit t WHERE t.lastGeocodedPosition IS NULL OR t.lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime < :lastGeocodedPosition.receiveTime I get the following exception: ... It seems that the expression in the WHERE clause fails with NPE for all the objects, and ... are returned from the query. If it was a Java expression you wouldn't have NPE, because OR is evaluated from left to ...


Issue with DISTINCT Select

It is getting more and more frustrating :( We've introduced distinct select instead of regular selection in our code (no changes else) and suddenly receive invalid identifiers in queries exceptions in various queries. Here's the stacktrace: ... Caused by: com.objectdb.o.UserException: Invalid order expression '$3' for distinct results at ... are strict rules regarding what is allowed in the ORDER BY expression. You didn't provide a query so it is impossible to say if the ...