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Soft Reference Object Cache Recommendation

(Trying again.  Last post, ~50 minutes to compose, failed, possibly due to an attachment upload size limit being exceeded before the post attempt.  =(  ) ... = "0" / > <dirty - tracking arrays = "false" / > My persisted class, "JdoBlob2", only contains ...


Insertion Speed Rate and Batch Load

1. I got about 10K inserts / second, is it normal? I would expect more than that, like close to 100K/second. I can definitely do 80K inserts/seconds on Oracle with batch insert on table with one primary key. 2. Is batch update/insert operation supported? I attached the files. ... always = "auto" on-persist = "false" on-commit = "true" /> <dirty-tracking arrays = "false" /> </entities > Total 1000000 objects in ...


Speed of queries that return many objects

Hi, I have a DB of 146MB - with 1_000_000 elements. Loading the contents (objectDB query in java) takes about 10sec. I am using a recent MacBook (SSD blabla - disk I/O speed is about 400MB/sec - according to blackMagicTest app for mac) - so I was expecting the query to take less than one sec (146/400 = 0.35sec.. + some overhead). I was wondering if this kind of speed is "normal", or if this is something I should investigate. Thanks EKK ... ( ) ;   if ( false ) { em. getTransaction ( ) . ...


Problem with merging / persisitng objects with @Embeddable field

Hi, After migration to version 2.4.2_01, I have noticed a strange problem with persisting object with field that contains @Embeddable object. Please check attached exception. Relation between entities looks like this: ... wrong. I realized that some time after the post. Sorry for false alarm and thanks for pointing error in my model. ...


Join query problem with new statetment

Hi, I'm trying to implement some reporting logic in my application and got nasty exception when using query with join. The query code is: ... @ Column ( nullable = false ) @ Index private String name = "" ...


Objectdb ignores not null annotations

I'd like to mark field of an entity not nullable so that when developer tries to persist such entity exception gets thrown... I've tried @Column(nullable = false) (i even tried @NotNull which is not JPA, anyway I've tried :) Please specify valid way to mark a field (might be of another Entity type or primitive) not nullable... Regards ... thrown... I've tried @Column(nullable = false) (i even tried @NotNull which is not JPA, anyway I've tried :) ...



Tests whether this object has been newly made persistent.(Method of javax.jdo.spi.StateManager)



Close the factory, releasing any resources that it holds.(Method of javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory)



Generate or assume a primary key constraint exists on the column or columns associated with this join.(Annotation Element of javax.jdo.annotations.Join)


PersistenceManager.getObjectsById(Collection,boolean) throwing JDOException

I have a call to getObjectsById(Collection,boolean) that is throwing a JDOException the first time I'm attempting to retrieve an object. If I try again, then the second request succeeds. Any idea why this might occur? We're using ObjectDB 2.2.4_02. The collection being passed in is a HashSet<Object> containing a single oid object (the method is written to support multiple objects, but it seems to only be failing irregularly when only a single oid is present). I'm passing false in as the verification argument.... when only a single oid is present). I'm passing false in as the verification argument. What happens if getObjectsById() ...