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How to convert a boolean to an int in the query?

How to convert a boolean to an int in the query? I have five parameters of type boolean in the entity object - approveEmail, approvePhoneNumper, ... I can not sort them ORDER BY approveEmail, approvePhoneNumper, .... because the parameters equivalent. I want to sort them in the query by their sum ORDER BY (approveEmail + approvePhoneNumper + ... ) But I get an exception com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Invalid operand type boolean for operator + ... true and Boolean.TRUE are converted to 1. false and Boolean.FALSE are converted to 0. ObjectDB Support ...


"Attempt to lock a non entity object" error

Probably a simple answer for someone who's been using ObjectDB for awhile: I'm reading objects from the database outside a transaction (inside doesn't seem to matter). First cycle of doEdit and then doCancelEdit works fine. Second time I doEdit produces the error "Attempt to lock a non entity object" session.rollback() is somehow causing the problem (found through debugging) Is this enough information for someone to suggest what might be happening and how to fix it? ... ( ) . setRestoreValues ( false ) ; To keep the entity objects managed but restore ...


Unexpected internal exception during set field of an Embeddable to null

Hello, we get an Unexpected internal exception and have no idea what goes wrong. We can reproduce (mostly) the error in a very big use case. In the big use case and we create and persist millions of SignalValueImpl objects (Embeddables). Partly as in the stack trace an Embeddable contain another Embeddable. It seems like that we can't reproduce the problem in smaller use cases with less objects. Stack trace: ... ( ) { defined = false ; }   /** * Clear the content of the ...


JBOSS AS7 7.1.1 - Entity not persisted and createNamedQuery fire exception

I'm trying to have the guestbook example running in the following environment: jboss as 7.1.1 final oracle jdk 1.7.0_04 maven 3.0.4 objectdb 2.4.0_04 installed as a module of jboss No IDE is used for building the Guestbook.war only maven.   My GuestDAO code is as follows: ... > <failOnMissingWebXml > false </failOnMissingWebXml > <packagingExcludes > ... > <failOnMissingWebXml > false </failOnMissingWebXml > <packagingExcludes > ...


Extra uninitialised entities spawned on merge()

In the following, Element is a base entity class, with a bi-directional @ManyToOne-@OneToMany relationship Element owner - List<Element> ownedElements, and Example is a subclass entity with a relationship @OneToOne Element child. ... Case: DO_PERSIST_BEFORE_MERGE = false: If I create an Element 'root', persist it, load ...


Problem on JPA Merge Entity.

Hello, I have a problem with the EntityManager.merge() function. I set a property value of an entity (statement) with an other entity (newSingleConstraint). newSingleValue is already persisted. I do this myself (no use of cascade because sometimes the newSingleValue is already in database).   The statement update don't throw exception. And when i try to reload statement the value i have set before is a null value. I check with the Explorer, the statement has a null value on the property and the newSingleValue is present.... - in which methods it is true and in which false? In addition, verify that the same EntityManager is used. If ...


Criteria query error: Unexpected query token

Using JPA2, I can save entities now in JBoss, and also fetch them uniquely by id. However, if I try to fetch it by getting back all instances (e.g. findAll, I get the following error:   ... Column private boolean deleted = false ;   /** * Audit */ @ Embedded ...



Specifies a column for joining an entity association or element collection.(Annotation of JPA)



... on merge. Fixed a Doctor bug that caused false alarms. Version 2.4.3 Added support for using ...


[ODB1] Chapter 2 - A Quick Tour

Demonstrates basic database programming using ObjectDB. ... extent = pm. getExtent ( Person. class , false ) ; 41 Iterator itr = extent. ... should also represent instances of subclasses (changing false to true has no effect here, because Person has no subclasses). ...