About fault tolerance


Database Replication and Clustering

Replication enables maintaining up to date version of an ObjectDB database on multiple nodes.... locations. This could help in achieving high availability, fault tolerance and prompt disaster recovery. In master-slave replication the ...


Failover from Master to Slave

Good morning! I am interested in ObjectDB for a client project I am currently working on. In order to evaluate your tool I would like to know if your product has the ability to failover from a Master Database to a Slave Database and then recover back to the master when the master comes back online. I don't see any documentation about automatic failover.   Thanks Rich   ... with scaling reads. My question is really about fault tolerance. I cannot discuss exactly the scenario because the client work I have ...


ObjectDB Object Database Features

ObjectDB provides a rich set of features, many of them as the result of supporting the JPA and JDO APIs.... database connections for high availability and fault tolerance. ...