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Saving custom list which implements java.util.List fails

Hi, I'm evaluating ObjectDB for storing Objects modeled with Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and encountered the following problem:   I took the Point-example from the tutorial and added a list-attribute which is declared as java.util.List but the actual Object MyList just extends ArrayList as shown below. #1 2013-03-27 13:39 Hi, I'm evaluating ObjectDB for storing Objects modeled with Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) ...


Explorer in 2.3

First, the new Explorer in ObjectDB is fantastic! This is exactly what we've needed - an easy way to do ad-hoc JPQL queries and navigate through the results and even make small changes to primitive data and Strings. After playing with it for a while, here is a list of additional features I'd love to have: 1. Export of selected data: a. Simple - Select a range of cells or a column header and copy text to the clipboard or save to a file (csv, html, etc..). (There appear to be copy menu options, but I cannot get them to work.) ... Then at the bottom of the table or tree, have a link to fetch the next N. This should also apply to collections that are opened ...


locks on pure query activities

analyzing the dynamic behavior we can see from the thread dump that a lot of our threads that are just doing simple queries show locks like these (question is: why there are locks and how could we get rid of that):   log1:   ... "weak" level2 = "4096mb" /> <fetch hollow = "true" /> <persist serialization = ...



This class is a helper class for JDO implementations.(Class of JDO)


Setting and Tuning of JPA Queries

Explains various JPA query settings - result range, flush and lock.... JPA code by ObjectDB. "objectdb.result-fetch" - sets fetch mode for query result as either "EAGER" (the default) or "LAZY" . ...


find() delay

Hi, I tried objectdb in following steps: 1, for 1 to 30 {trans.begin(); create typeC o; em.persist(o); trans.commit();} 2, for 1 to 30 {p = em.find(typeC.class, i); print(p)} So simple a test, there is no result in one go; I have to disable step 1 and run again, then Step 2 output the expected results. I tried em.flush(), em.clear(), etc.. that do not work. Any idea? TIA ... OneToMany ( mappedBy = "parent" , fetch = FetchType . EAGER ) protected ...


Conflicting modifiers .... (javax.persistence.Id, javax.persistence.ManyToOne)

I have two classes a Container type class and another class that is 'contained' by that class. The contained class, CompoundKeyMapItem, represents an alternate implementation of an object held in a Map, and uses a Compound Primary Key. The contained class therefore uses an @IdClass. This all works fine on Eclipselink. However when I try and run this in ObjectDb I get the following error; ... }   @ ManyToOne ( fetch = FetchType . LAZY ) @ Id private ...


performance limit

Hi, can someone share expirience with performance limits of ObjectDB especialy when quering tables with large records sets. Our issue is with tables with 100.000+ records. Everything was OK when we had few thousand records. We have a simple SELECT statement which selects from a table with 100.000+ records by UserID atribute, tables have from 5 to 20 atributes. Usualy the results range from few hundred to few thousand records. This query takes up to 12 seconds. Is this normal, what when we will have few milion records, how to handle this. ... with lazy result loading, using the objectdb.result-fetch query's hint in order to separate query execution from result ... Loading the query results could be very slow if eager fetch is used extensively, and then your 6500 result objects may require ...


Query results are not up to date for entities, not primitives

When using the CriteriaBuilder to query, the retrieved list are not refreshed according to the latest updates. But, when using the JPQL Query, the list are refreshed. What is the problem? ... ref = "strong" level2 = "0mb" / > <fetch hollow = "false" / > <persist serialization = ...


Enhanced classes problem

Hell, we have problem with the OEM enhancement licencing. When we used runtime licencing using machine activation code, everything works fine. But when we enhanced our classes with OEM licence, following errors occurs: ... Info about the field and annotations: @OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.EAGER, mappedBy = "jobInfoId")  // relation is ...