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Step 7: Run the Spring Web App

Shows how to run the NetBeans Spring MVC JPA web application.... enable on the fly enhancement (weaving) in Tomcat: Find the Tomcat server in the [Services window] under Servers. Right click ...


Entity factory

Hi, is it possible to create Entities with a custom factory? I want to create Entity instances via dependency injection like: ... using JDO: EntityManager em = // find the EntityManager that manages this ( ...


Object explorer cannot open odb file. ObjectDB many-to-many relationship

I created a data model to test many-to-many relationship with a link table as following (full code in attachement) ... 7 64 bits. jdk1.6.0_27. ObjectDB doctor did not find any anormalie in the file I found the following log file: ...


@ElementCollection Set<Integer> is emptied sometimes

Hi! I'm facing a really strange behavior, which I can't yet reproduce, but it happened 3-4 times already. ObjectDB seems to clear some fields that are @ElementCollection Set<Integer> of my objects. They appear HashSet<Integer> in ObjectDB Explorer. The only common thing I've seen is that this MAY happen when schema changes, even though nothing is changed in that Object's class. Any ideas why would this happen and how could it be avoided? Thanks (version 2.5.3 & Tomee & NetBeans) ... into that class. It's very strange and I can't find yet a way to understand it. Initially, I was not using ...


Is ObjectDB better than competitive object databases?

... minimizes the risk that during development you may find that an essential feature is missing. For example, some competitive ...


How to Use a SF with extended Persistence Context?

Hey, I have a problem to use SF with an Extended Persistence Context Regarding to Transactions. The need for an extended persistence Context emerges for the need to create queries in advance for fast execution so I need to store the queries and I need an EntityManager that doesn't get closed between calls. When I call the SF directly no problem happens but if I use SL to hold a reference to the SF I get com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Attempt to begin a new transaction when a transaction is active. #1 2013-11-24 06:05 Hey, I have a problem to use SF with an Extended Persistence Context Regarding to Transactions. T ...


Dependency from enhanced classes to the objectDB library

Hello, we have a Question to the dependency from enhanced classes (required for license) to the objectDB library.... been added to your entity classes (since ObjectDB cannot find the mapping file). The type of the path field in ... some effort for us.   3) What would a solution to find the configuration file? The serialization is a required feature. ...



This class is a helper class for JDO implementations.(Class of JDO)


Different behavior for casting and not casting

Hi, Please use attached db for testing the queries. Query #1 which works and selects a few entities: SELECT DISTINCT $1 FROM com.lexware.vereinsverwaltung.verein.mitglied.Mitglied $1 WHERE $1.qubletFRAGMENTMAP.get('com.lexware.vereinsverwaltung.abrechnung.api.model.mitglied.MitgliedVertraegeFragment') IS NOT NULL Query #2 which is equal to the previous one though includes a casting and returns NO entities: ... used I am afraid it might not be the last problem that you find. Please continue with build 2.3.6_13. ObjectDB ...


Source not found error after downloading ObjectDB 2.3.7_04

Code snippet: Properties prop = new Properties(); prop.setProperty("javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactoryClass","com.objectdb.jdo.PMF"); prop.setProperty("javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUR","local.odb"); PersistenceManagerFactory pmf = JDOHelper.getPersistenceManagerFactory(prop); PersistenceManager pm = pmf.getPersistenceManager();   I am getting an error Source attachment does not contain source for File PMF.class. ... from PMF.java and in the source file I am not able to find any PMF.java class.   For setup I downloaded the ...