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... Added support for casting from boolean to int in queries. Changed default value of ...


Calculating age in query?

Hi! I've got an issue: I have a birthdate as java.sql.Date and a separate field int age. However, of course the age is not accurate because it gets set only once. So what's the best bet (JPA Standard way) to solve the issue of accessing and filtering by an age (having a birthdate) in a query? thanks! Alex ... I have a birthdate as java.sql.Date and a separate field int age. However, of course the age is not accurate because it gets set only ...


How to delete M2M relationship?

In user model class I have the following: public class User implements Serializable { ... ) { for ( int i = 0 ; i<attendeeList. size ( ) ; i ++ ...


Handling "is null" in where clause

Greetings, I was playing aroung with JPQL and have found that there is a problem with "is null" queries. When you use "is null" in where clause, query runs correctly, but results are incorrect. Let me show you an example: - entity @Entity public class EntityA { @Id Integer id; Integer simpleField; (getters and setters here) - populating database... // - populating database   for ( int x = 1 ; x < 100 ; x ++ ) { ...


Query vs Extent for retrieving data

I'm running into a problem where data that is retrieved via a Query comes out null, but when I retrieve it using an Extent everything is present. We have a very simple class: public class PositionReportManagerBean implements InstanceCallbacks { private int maxReports; private List<PositionReportBean> reports; } I have a test file with 5 instances of PositionReportManagerBean, each with maxReports set to 10 and 5 PositionReportBeans in reports. I can verify with the ObjectDB explorer that all of the data is there. If I call ... InstanceCallbacks { private int maxReports ; private List<PositionReportBean> reports ; ...



(Class of java.securityClass Permission)



Specifies that the property or field is not persistent.(Annotation of JPA)


java.lang.ClassCastException in query results

I have a simple object stored in a ObjectDb file Stadium Name (java.lang.String) Capacity (int) City (java.lang.String)   When i run the following code i get the ClassCastException in the "for (Stadium result : results)" line ... Name (java.lang.String) Capacity (int) City (java.lang.String)   When i run the ...


copyKeyFieldsToObjectId(pcClass, fm, oid)

Copy fields from an outside source to the key fields in the ObjectId.(Method of javax.jdo.spi.JDOImplHelper)


Object explorer cannot open odb file. ObjectDB many-to-many relationship

I created a data model to test many-to-many relationship with a link table as following (full code in attachement) ... ( ) ) ;   int countProjectsAssignedToU1 = u1. getAssignements ( ) . ...