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Optimization of Map Queries

hi! I am having loads and loads of occurrences of something like ((com.test.MyEntity) $1.map.get('com.test.MyEntity')).someProperty ... ((com.test.MyEntity) $1.map.get('com.test.MyEntity')).someOtherProperty .. ((com.test.MyEntity) $1.map.get('com.test.MyEntity')).someMoreProperties I need to use full qualified names for casting as well as for the map keys because same entity simple names may occur multiple times. Now I've got two questions: ... be invoked once).   About the query length - you may try setting shorter entity names (in @Entity ) and use them ...


ODB IndexActivation NullPointerException

Hi, We have created indexes on an existing database, which has 4.3 million objects. As soon we create first query, NullPointerException is thrown: ... ( int i = 0 ; i < threadArray. length ; i ++ ) { if ( threadArray ... Anschrift: Gegnerweg 1, 10119 Berlin pos = 3987456 length = 2048 12.07.2017 16:43:34 | Datenbank abgemeldet Exception in ...


GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

Explains how to use the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses in a JPA/JPQL query.... ) ; The query returns Object[] arrays of length 3, in which the first cell contains the initial letter as a String ...



Prints this throwable and its backtrace to the standard error stream.(Method of java.lang.Throwable)


Multithreading Test and Deadlock

I move on to testing the multi threaded part of ObjectDB. From the same code (MyMain.java), I set the thread count from 1 to 4 and not only do I found it's slower overall (each thread only needs to insert 250K entities) but the threads are stuck with a deadlock. All threads share the same EntityManagerFactory but they have their own EntityManager. The stack trace is attached. ... higher memory usage (4 x 10,000 x 100 strings x attribute length => many MBs). ObjectDB Support ObjectDB ...


SELECT clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

Explains how to use the SELECT clause and projections in a JPA/JPQL query.... query contains Object[] elements, one per result. The length of each result Object[] element is 2. The first array cell contains ...


[ObjectDB 2.2.6_02] Unexpected exception (Error 990) at com.objectdb.o.OBC.aJ(OBC.java:961)

I was experiencing an exception so I did a test to reproduce it.   here it is. ... if ( msg == null || msg. length ( ) == 0 ) { ...


InternalException when using MEMBER OF on a large list in a query

Hello, we get when executing a query with MEMBER OF on a large list the following InternalException: Caused by: com.objectdb.o.InternalException: merge2 com.btc.ep.coverage.bl.internal.dmos.CoverageRecordImpl:null => merger[2850057]-missing:223 at com.objectdb.o.PBI.B(PBI.java:124) at com.objectdb.o.PBI.q(PBI.jave:97) at com.objectdb.o.OBI.Vp(OBI.java:244) (... more see attached Image) Our query looks like this: ... char)   - Would it bring someting to specify the length with the Column annotation? d) Or would you recommend something ...


Error using query with MAX() function

I have a class that is persisting a Entity that holds remarks and a time. Then when I query for the latest remark I get a internal error when the remark is larger than 1966 chars. Here is a test class and entity that reproduces the problem on my system. ... ObjectDB supports strings in any length that is supported by Java (i.e. up to 2GB). Your test case ...


Database Inconsistency or corruption

Hi, since a week I have been trying to find a solution to a strange problem. We are using ObjectDB 2.6.8_02 im embedded mode. The problem is that data gets lost when updating an entity. 1-) Background Consider Three entities: ObjectValue, Attribute and Value. ObjectValue has a one to many relationship to Attribute and Attribute has a one to one relationship to Value. ... = "type", discriminatorType = DiscriminatorType.STRING, length = 20) @DiscriminatorValue("Value") @XmlSeeAlso({ ...