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Step 3: Add a Main Class

Explains how to add the JPA tutorial Main class in NetBeans.... provided in the Quick Tour chapter of the ObjectDB Manual . The next step (and the last in this tutorial) is running the ...


UserException: Package com.example.model is not found by the enhancer

My program works fine when I run it from Netbeans but as soon as I clean and build and move the dist directory out of the project to a remote location and run it using java -jar example.jar then I get the exception: com.objectdb.o.UserException: Package com.example.model is not found by the enhancer It occurs on this line: com.objectdb.Enhancer.enhance("com.example.model" + ".*"); ... Alternative enhancement methods are listed in the manual . Build time enhancement is preferred, since it enables deployment of ...


JPA Annotations for Classes

Reference (JavaDoc) of JPA 2 class annotations, including @Entity, @Embeddable, @IdClass, @Cacheable, @EntityListeners, etc.... Chapter 2 of the ObjectDB manual explains these annotations in detail. Entity and mapped super ... explained in the Primary Key section of the ObjectDB manual. ...


Difficulty with the BIRT plugin

Hi, am trying to get the BIRT plugin to work. Firstly: connecting to an odb server doesn't seem to work (incompatible versions) - but there isn't any way to find out what version the BIRT plugin is using. Next: connecting directly to a file datasource seems to work, in the sense that I can ping the database, however, there doesn't appear to be any way to create a new Data Set from the Data Explorer, as suggested in the online manual: ... Set from the Data Explorer, as suggested in the online manual: Open the [New Data Set] dialog box by right clicking ... the data set - in addition to the instructions in the manual there is a more detailed step by step tutorial , that explains how ...



Interface used to control query execution.(Interface of JPA)



Interface used to control the execution of typed queries.(Interface of JPA)


explorer feature request: ability to auto refresh

Request for feature: Ability to auto-refresh an explorer view, say at regular intervals of a few seconds. (at a minimum one ought to be able to manually refresh, for example the list of persistent types). additionally, it would be useful to be able to view an embedded database (read only mode) via the explorer.   ... are now disabled - including editing, basic querying and manual refresh. ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast ...


Removing objects where ManyToMany relationships exist

Consider you have an entity Entity with the following unidirectional relationship: @ManyToMany private Set<OtherEntity> setOfOtherEntities; public Set<OtherEntity> getOtherEntities() {     if (setOfOtherEntities == null) {       setOfOtherEntities = new TreeSet<OtherEntity>();     }     return setOfOtherEntities;   } #1 2011-10-17 09:06 Consider you have an entity Entity with the following unidirectional relationship: @ManyToMany privat ...


JQL-Update Queries fails with activated L2-Cache

When using JQL-Update Queries it is basically not working without calling entityManager.clear() after a transaction commit. When the clear() method isn't called the entityManager will never return a container the updated Entities. Scenario 1: Disabled L2 Cache, updating elements using UPDATE-Query and fetching Entities afterwards from database. Expected result: Getting changed Entities from database - Actual result: No changes are visble. ... the expected behavior, as indicated on the UPDATE query manual page : Updating entity objects in the database using an ...


Index Definition

Describes how to define indexes in JPA entity classes and explains how indexes are used in JPQL queries. Querying without indexes requires iteration over entity objects in the database one by one. This may take a significant amount of time if many entity objects have to be examined. Using proper indexes the iteration can be avoided and complex queries ov ...