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Storing JPA Entity Objects

Explains how to use JPA to store (persist) entity objects in the database. New entity objects can be stored in the database either explicitly by invoking the persist persist(entity) EntityManager's method Make an instance managed and persistent. See JavaDoc Reference Page... method or ...


Merge of entity classes with "mapped by" very slow

Hi, I have found a strange behavior when merging entities with "mapped by" set on @OneToMany relation. Even if object is fetched with find on the same transaction, merge is very slow. It's because on merge every single relation marked as LAZY is fetch from database. Attached two examples - one with mapped by, second with adding entities list without "mapped by". The difference is huge event for such small objects - 2ms (without mapped by) vs ~50ms (with mapped by) ... it. If the problem still exists, please post a modified test case that demonstrates it with the new build.   ...


Class loading problem with private packages in OSGi environment

Our Business Objects are the JPA entities. We develop our product domain driven. This means we have several domains. Each domain is split into business layer and persistence layer (others are not relevant here). Per domain and per layer, we have an OSGI bundles. The business layer should have no dependency down (an exception is the dependency to the ObjectDB for the enhanced entities).  The persistence Layers have a dependency to the business layer and to the central DataAccess Layer.... we do not like, because it feels like a hack. We have modified the ObjectDB bundle with "Eclipse-Buddy classloading". ...


[ODB1] Chapter 1 - About ObjectDB

Describes the main features and editions of ObjectDB 1.0 for Java/JDO. ObjectDB for Java/JDO is a powerful Object Database Management System (ODBMS) written entirely in Java. It can efficiently handle a wide range of database sizes, from a few KBs to hundreds of GBs. It has a small footprint, high performance, and a flexi ...


Eclipse Public License - v 1.0

... inconsistency the Agreement is copyrighted and may only be modified in the following manner. The Agreement Steward reserves the right to ...


500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

Hi, I have observed that 500 Mb objectDb database opening time is very slow (~3 seconds) for following code m_EntityMgrFactory = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory( "objectdb:" + aFilename ); m_EntityManager = m_EntityMgrFactory.createEntityManager(); Does exist any way to speed-up open time for big databases? Definitely, it's too long for 500 Mb database! #1 2016-01-14 06:54 Hi, I have observed that 500 Mb objectDb database opening time is very slow (~3 seconds) for following co ...


Read only hint for query

Second thing after @FetchGroup I've found is read-only hint for EM. You can specify this hint to EM when executing query meaning that returned data will never be edited or persisted. My understanding of this is that each entity returned from query is in detached state as default state. query.setHint("odb.read-only", "true"); This could be useful in situation when you are sure, that you won't modify those entities - like listing entities, paging, logging, reporting. Feature Request Version: Priority: Normal Status: Active Replies: 0 Type:  Feature Request ...


retrieveAll(useFetchPlan, pcs)

Retrieve field values of instances from the store.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)


Database Doctor

Explains how to use the ObjectDB object database Doctor tool to diagnose and repair database files and damaged Java/JPA/JDO objects. The ObjectDB Doctor tool provides two related services: Diagnosis and validation of an ObjectDB database file Checks a given ObjectDB database file, verifies that it is healthy and valid, and if the file is not valid (it is c ...


ObjectDB Web Site - Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Terms By accessing and using this web site, you agree to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you ...