About named queries


JPA Named Queries

Explains how to define and how to run JPA named queries. A named query is a statically defined query with a predefined unchangeable query string. Using named queries instead of dynamic queries may improve code organization by ...


Query Parameters in JPA

Explains how to use parameters (named parameters and ordinal parameters) in JPA queries. Query parameters enable the definition of reusable queries. Such queries can be executed with different parameter values to ... This page covers the following topics: Named Parameters (:name) Ordinal Parameters (?index) ...



Describes the API that JPA provides for running queries against the database. Queries are represented in JPA 2 by two interfaces - the old Query ... class to ObjectDB. Dynamic JPQL, Criteria API and Named Queries Building queries by passing JPQL query strings directly ... JPA also provides a way for building static queries, as named queries , using the @NamedQuery javax.persistence.NamedQuery ...


JPA Criteria API Queries

Explains how to use the JPA Criteria API (CriteriaBuilder, CriteriaQuery, etc.) to build JPQL like queries.... Criteria API provides an alternative way for defining JPA queries, which is mainly useful for building dynamic queries whose exact structure is only known at runtime. This page ... queries - string based JPQL queries (e.g. as named queries ) may be preferred. For dynamic queries that are built at ...


Running JPA Queries

Explains how to use JPA to run Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) queries.... interface defines two methods for running SELECT queries: Query.getSingleResult getSingleResult() ... Interface used to control the execution of typed queries. See JavaDoc Reference Page... interface defines the ...


Setting and Tuning of JPA Queries

Explains various JPA query settings - result range, flush and lock.... Interface used to control the execution of typed queries. See JavaDoc Reference Page... interfaces define various ... Create and return an EntityManagerFactory for the named persistence unit using the given properties. See JavaDoc Reference ...



Interface used to control query execution.(Interface of JPA)



Interface used to control the execution of typed queries.(Interface of JPA)


SELECT clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

Explains how to use the SELECT clause and projections in a JPA/JPQL query.... Interface used to control the execution of typed queries. See JavaDoc Reference Page... <Country> query = ... SELECT DISTINCT SELECT in Criteria Queries Projection of Path Expressions JPQL ...



The Query interface allows applications to obtain persistent instances, values, and aggregate data from the data store.(Interface of JDO)