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Empty temporary dat files in the temp folder

Hello, We have questions regarding the pagesX.dat files in the temp directory. We detected a problem on a machine with ‘only’ 2GB free memory on disc drive C:/ because during using our Product the %temp%/objectdb_123... folder growth up to 2GB. And then we run into some following errors due to lack of memory. ... of the first one) empty. Or rather pre filled with null. We observed that the directory is cleaned up sporadic. But for us ...


Insertion Speed Rate and Batch Load

1. I got about 10K inserts / second, is it normal? I would expect more than that, like close to 100K/second. I can definitely do 80K inserts/seconds on Oracle with batch insert on table with one primary key. 2. Is batch update/insert operation supported? I attached the files. ... 80,000  Device instances per second, and with null in the String[] array the rate goes up to 200,000 entity objects per ...



Instances of the type EntityType represent entity types.(Interface of JPA)



Defines the values of the javax.persistence.lock.scope property for pessimistic locking.(Enum of JPA)


ObectDb 2.3.6 in OSGi environment

Hello, I'm trying to use ObjectDb within OSGi bundles. I have one bundle for db accens which uses ObjectDb and another bundle which includes the POJO models. Everytime I start in plugin evironement i get an PersistenceException, because my POJO not found. If try the same test in normal Java environment everthing works fine. Can you please advice? Thx Peter ... "SELECT rvn FROM RuleValueNode rvn where rvn.parent is null" ) , @ NamedQuery ( name = ...



Instances of the type IdentifiableType represent entity or mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)


Object explorer cannot open odb file. ObjectDB many-to-many relationship

I created a data model to test many-to-many relationship with a link table as following (full code in attachement) ... Explorer (Message: "Cannot open file 'demo.odb' null").  Note: I'm using Windows 7 64 bits. ...



Instances of the type MappedSuperclassType represent mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)


Object DB vs EclipseLink/TopLink: Unloaded relationships in detached entities

This topic is for those considering migrating from EclipseLink JPA or TopLink to ObjectDB JPA. ... to find that all of my collection relationships were null (not even just empty where appropriate), and on various pages I got NullPointerExceptions where non-null collection results (including non-null empty) were expected. As ...


Step 4: Add a Servlet Class

Explains how to define an EJB session bean in an Eclipse Java EE 6 web application.... ) ; if ( name != null ) guestDao. persist ( new Guest ( ...