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... Improved processing of queries with a large number of variables ( issue #114 ). Improved toString of ... Fixed a critical bug in handling a very large number of entity classes ( issue #139 ). Fixed ...



Fetch groups are activated using methods on this interface.(Interface of JDO)


Extra uninitialised entities spawned on merge()

In the following, Element is a base entity class, with a bi-directional @ManyToOne-@OneToMany relationship Element owner - List<Element> ownedElements, and Example is a subclass entity with a relationship @OneToOne Element child. ... then merge 'root', the output shows a number of additional persistent entities that are also not fully initialised ...



Explains how to apply server side bulk delete using a JPA/JPQL query.... On success - the executeUpdate method returns the number of objects that have been deleted by the query. Selective ...


Cache usage

after a runtime of several weeks we are now analyzing the usage of the cache and so on. Looking at the heap dump we suspect that the cache is really used (see heap dump attached), the RAM allocated by objectdb is much less than we would expect. The database file has around 25 GByte of size and there is heavy traffic of around 400 clients communicating permanently via webSockets to the objectdb. The config is attached as well. The question is: is the cache really used ? ... programs are not shown in the heap dump image, as the number of instances is less than 500. Level 2 cache  (cache ...


ObjectDB License

ObjectDB Purchase and License info page.... of ObjectDB runtime bundled in a product to an unlimited number of end users. For a quote please contact ObjectDB Sales ...


Problems Running ODB Explorer

When ODB is run in embedded mode (Eclipse), it is fine but the explorer throws the following exception:-   ... unusable at a very crucial time. Do you have a support number? I have not found one anywhere on your site. Please note: I have had to ...


ObjectDB-2.6.9: Failed to commit transaction: Failed to set numeric value of field property Element.id using reflection

The following error is reported for objectdb-2.6.9.jar: Failed to commit transaction: Failed to set numeric value of field property com.greensoft.objectdb.test.entity.Element.id using reflection (error 613) Did not happen with objectdb-2.6.3_04 (which one can easily test and compare in the test console app for NetBeans8.1 provided, as explained below). To reproduce download the app and unpack, open in NetBeans8.1, perform Clean and Build, and Run: ... another one to be reported following) also happens in a number of work projects and only with newer versions higher than ... abstract public class Quantity<T extends Number> extends Value<T> implements IQuantity<T> ...


Sample JDO Architecture for Follow Up Questions

I am trying to finalize on my application's JDO and ObjectDB archieture.  I have done documentation survey (reading JDO books, studying ObjectDB's documents and forum) and have designed what I think is the best architecture for my particular application usage model. ... set for multiThreaded=true. * There are a limited number of threads to maximize available CPU power but minimize thread context ...


Strings in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Explains string expressions in JPQL queries, including LIKE, LOCATE, LOWER, UPPER, TRIM, CONCAT and SUBSTRING.... a String The LENGTH (str) function returns the number of characters in the argument string as an int . For ...